Oh Mr DeNiro You Can’t Hide From The Truth

I told you they’re bad people. He’ll be guilty by association now. Whether he’s done anything or not. If your caught being in league with these people the public will hold you accountable too. That’s why Millennials and Twitter/Facebook/YouTube staff need to watch out.

When the mob comes knocking, if your in league with the devil you’ll be seen as it’s minion. So be very careful who you work for or hang out with because when they take this to trial even taking a wage to monitor people like me to shadow ban or shut down will come with a sentence.





People are done. They’ve had enough.

I would genuinely be afraid if I was any of these people.

They don’t understand that not everyone who works for them is supportive of their behaviour and they’re collecting evidence and taking notes.

Then the flight club will strike them all down.

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