Angry People In The UK Spreading And It’s NOT Because Of Tommy In The End. He’s Just The Catalyst That Gets It Kicked Off.

I just saw this so im documenting it.

Leeds, Glasgow, Birmingham, Manchester…..a see of people hundreds deep.

It’s given me a headache.

Secrets revealed causing anger.

Something is getting found out.

Fear will spread through the Justice system, Buckingham Palace and The Police because of it.

Its like…….mice trapped in corners by hungry cats. That’s how it feels. And they’ll be played with, thrown in the air a bit to detach the muscle from the flesh making the eating easier to digest.

That’s how it feels.

Then the starving neglected dog comes and eats the cat.

The dogs are gathering in packs and the hunter becomes the hunted.


Photos or video. Its because of a death.

Death brings controversy. Death brings the end of it all.

How ironic.

I feel panic in them. They sense it coming. The cats…….they sense something coming.

Its starts with Tommy but ends as something all together entirely different.

And Japan will redeem itself in history.

Japan will do wonderful things for all of this.

Some countries are really going to step up.

Ireland, Japan, Poland, Iraq, Brazil, Columbia, Panama, Afghanistan, New Zealand, Zimbabwe, etc….all the countries you’d least expect to be the most humanitarian will make fools of them all.

Given their history and their struggles it’s these countries who will do the most to heal us all.

Selflessness and humanitarianism in the true meaning of the word.

Places like Iraq and Libya will become tourist meccas in the new world.

Just noting it down because as it gets closer to it happening the more I see.