I’m Going To Explain The Celebrity Hanging Phenomena And A Warning Thrown In

They offer themselves up. The ones who are offerings are martyred. Get people feeling sorry for them. Have people think “suicide” isn’t the way to go.

Get help, don’t let the celebrities death be in vain.

Offerings allow it.

The ones who are sacrificed are the ones who are offered without knowledge.

Like Whitney Houston, Anna Nicole Smith, Nicole Brown Simpson.

They didn’t die alone because they had loved ones die before after or during.

I believe Tupac offered himself but didn’t know when.

Watch the movie The Kill List.

Some offer loved ones like Stallone, Hudson, Rianna, Kanye etc…..they all lose loved ones prior to massive fame.

Then there are those who are silenced.

Dr Avicii, Michael Jackson, Prince, Brittany Murphy etc….

The way to tell is two things.

Are they turned into the victim of the death ie “give to cancer because David Bowie died of cancer oh poor David Bowie oh look his album sales have gone through the roof what a legend let’s love him”



ALWAYS with the junkie and nuts.

They’re the ones Sacrificed.

The ones turned into legends are Offerings.

The spells work better when the victim is willing remember?

I taught you this already.

Don’t feel sorry for these people. Even the ones sacrificed were in on it at some point.

With the exception of the ones who were raised from a very young impressionable age like Shirley Temple, Drew Barrymore, Michael Jackson, Britney etc…..they all know exactly what they’re getting themselves into.

The child ones can’t be held as responsible because they’re brainwashed from a very young impressionable age.

They are raised not to know anything else.

But the rest………the sign on that dotted line with free will.

The devil collects his dues.

You can’t just back out without paying a price.

But some will offer themselves for the greater good and then they become immortal.

The suicide pandemic is because it’s impressionable on the masses and there are always those who want to follow suit.

They want to kill off or control the weakest members of society.

Medication, indoctrination, vaccinations, brainwashing, fluoride, sugar and sweeteners, sexuality, religion, politics, music, culture, fashion, finances, entertainment, confidence etc….they control it all in many different ways.

And the death of a beloved figure head of depression hands you right to them.

Charities get started, money gets spent, Charities LOVE a celebrity death. Charities bread and butter is death.

If you don’t give to a charity something or someone will die or cease to exist because of it.

Just please people WAKE UP.

The red pill IS the blue pill.

Please detox your mind and body and it will free your soul and you’ll hear nothing but truth.

Your falling for their ploy.

This is how the civil war got started.

Brother against brother, father against son, the real reason for which a pack of lies.

Wake up. We won’t survive the next 120yrs if we don’t.

Say no to pills. Take no pill. Go drug free.

None of this is real. Your living in the matrix inside a matrix.

The hanging is erotic, it can be orgasmic and the releasing of the fluid can be used in further rituals.

Its potent. Its literally tangible death.

They will rub themselves in the body waste to gain the power of the martyrs.

The Catholics love keeping the martyr’s bodies, body fluids and bits close to them.

Plus the offering if they do it with the right amount of pressure get to enjoy the experience of seeing the light to meet Satan.

But they do NOT die alone. They are lavished before with anything and everything they desire then they are watched as they chant.

They need to make sure it’s done right.

They take photos and film it.

There are people who will have recordings of these deaths to use like porn.

When the truth comes out you’ll hate yourself for being so oblivious to the truth.

You all think you know…..you don’t.

How do I know?

Because the vanished tell me everything.

The truth is coming and your all in for a shock.

You don’t know the half of it.

You know I speak the truth now because I’ve been right about everything else.

They put hair in your bread, human flesh in your McDonald’s and you eat 6 legged KFC chicken, do you seriously think your not offering yourself to their God Satan?

You take their medication and poisons that are heavy metals and you go out if your way to offer your very progeny to them too.

Parent child Sacrifices like Whitney and Bobby, Brittany Murphy and her husband, Anna Nicole and her son etc……you just offer it not knowing what’s going on.

Anna Nicole Smith and Whitney know it’s going on they just don’t know they’re ever going to be a victim.

Marilyn and Elvis were silenced, Lennon too.

The original singers or members of bands like The Beatles, Rolling Stones or AC/DC offer a member when they’re adviced one is holding the other back.

Boyzone were all broke. Needed a come back………you know what happened next.

Keanu Reeves……who dies before he has a hit? Look at the history.

If we the sheeple are required to sacrifice things its in many forms it’s things like you’ll sacrifice the Marriage or relationship to destroy the family unit so you need help from.the government then your in the system and then your bring watched to see if they should remove your children.

And you know why they want your kids now don’t you?

The fact people are okay with Shadow Banning. All you need to do is start a rival YouTube. YouTube wouldn’t last a month before it was as popular as Beta video tape format or for you youngsters as popular as Microsoft Zune.

Detox people. Get it out of your system and wake up.

Unplug the matrix and you’ll see your still hooked up.

So shut down your perception of reality to shut down actuality and then your outside the game all together.

Just don’t play it.

Detox, think for yourself, don’t let others influence your compass and where it points. You’ll always find it takes you exactly where you need to be.

Judge for yourself and judge no-one until they prove themselves worthy.

Love life, live love, do what and who makes you happy in whatever way makes you happy.

Just don’t hurt anyone to have it.

Take nothing you haven’t earned the right to have.

Give of yourself to others and let others give themselves to you.

Embrace your community, celebrate the diversity of culture.

We are all migrants and it’s not just our planet. We have every right to go where we like without having to ask permission.

BUT you must earn the right to be there.

I’m trying to prove to America I deserve to be there by opening my school and charity.

Give something back. I will work hard for America. I will expect nothing for something. I will earn quite happily every dollar I bank but I will share it also should I always have more than I need.

There are people we made sure can never go home, most don’t want to be where they are.

There are countries with more than enough space. Entire continents with space to share.

Stop judging people. Always judging. If someone says or does something that offends you if your justified in being offended their true nature will be revealed by their own deceptive hand.

Or maybe your the one being a dick.

In which case stop it. Stop blaming everyone but yourself for not being liked.

Maybe your views are unpopular or your mocked is because your a bit of a dick.

Most people of opposing views welcome a frank, intelligent, open debate about your views.

But you never give them a chance to offer their opposing view.

Smart people debate, ignorant people scream.

A valid point need not be shouted out like the latest headline across the latest edition on the news stand.

You can make your point in many ways and it be dignified in reception.

In a few weeks your judgement of others will either kill you or save you.

It will be every man for himself and some of you are a bit useless and will require others to help you.

If your surrounded by those you’ve offended, who do you think will get left behind or thrown to the wolves should you piss them off?

When people a flash of history before their eyes when the Nazis are rolling down your streets in modern day Panzers who do you think will matter more when it’s time to fight or run?

Them or you?

People of America……the red, black, white and grey is coming to your towns and cities soon.

Trust the right colours.

Its not red white or black you trust, it’s not red white or blue.

Its Orange.

Trust Orange.

I don’t know what that means I just know I trust orange.

Fox, Horses, it means something to the struggle.

Freedom is Orange.

I don’t know what it means yet but I know what I’m being shown and told to say.

The bad guys where the occult on their sleeves and lapels.

Red, black, white, grey.

Red and Blue divide you.

Be no colour but light, light is all colours in the universe.

Orange helps you see only light once you look at it.

That’s what they just said.

And please remember “aliens aren’t out to get us”.

They’re helping in fact.

Just from a distance because they can’t interfere unless it’s something that affects ALL life in the universe.