The Queen Is Ill lol Get Ready…… Remember What I Said. you remember what I said. Just watch. She’s shitting a brick. They all are. The Minions are taking over all her royal duties. You know what’s coming because I’ve been telling you for ages. Old Liz and Phil……..

Third Miracle. What A Joy Of Joys. The Vanished Are Coming Home 😅

When you think about the hundreds of thousands of kids that go missing every year for Trafficking it’s a miracle they have found even one of them let alone 51.

This is a joyus occasion.

Get Ready. 3100 Indictment Against The Queen And Others Unsealed.

Told you years ago this would happen. Noone believed me. This is the beginning of the end. I TOLD you she was a bad person. I TOLD you she was going to get exposed. I TOLD you the monarchy was going to fall. Noone believed me. So……..I think many people owe me and my dead an apology.

And I said a Royal death brings controversy then revolution… this space.

Lock your doors

Pope Arrested. I Said In 2013 He Would Be The LAST Pope.

I was right I was right I was right