The Difference Between Spirits, Ghosts and The Dead ( they are NOT the same thing)

I gave this careful consideration before I came out with this hypothesis.

It took me well over a year of careful observation and discussion with voices in my head and with the dead before I came out with this claim and I NEED you all to listen because this is one of those lessons that will save you time, money and heartache against those who seek to profit from your misery and grief.

The Dead: Are people you have lived and lost who communicate in ways that effect you physically.

Nausea, headaches, goosebumps, tingling, pain, emotion, actual PHYSICAL reactions.

They are the loved ones you know in life who wish to step forward and announce themselves to you.

When they talk it is 90% of the time telepathic but can and do manifest themselves, songs, memory triggers, dreams, images, objects for you to know they are there.


Spirits are genetic memory of past lives or the lives of your ancestors or the ancestors of those you read.

Telepathy is how they communicate.

These are the PSYchic science’s. Of The Mind.

Ghosts and Paranormal activity attributed to phyiscs IE kinetic energy, which is moving objects, orbs, Ghosts etc….are Paranormal Science.

Or Ghosting as I call it are time bends.

The Science of other normal, along side the normal.

Now the wrong understanding of the right gift can lead to misunderstandings and that’s understandable given the lies being told so I’ll put it like this.

If it uses gifts of the mind like Telepathy, Clairvoyance, Telekinesis, Intuitive etc….it’s Psychic Science.

It deals with genetic memory and the dead and the means with which you communicate but they are two distinctly different things.

Spirit don’t drain you like the dead do.

But Paranormal activity is pure Science dealing with things like physics.

It involves no dead or Spirits whatsoever and uses only the mind to exist.

Ghost’s as in poltergeists, possessions, hauntings, etc…..are all psychological.

That’s why they’re so easy to get rid of.

Because when you trick the mind into finally believing it’s not real the occurrence goes away completely.

The belief it is real creates it to be real.

The belief it is gone makes it go away but it depends on the mental drive and determination of the affected to want to remove it.

Trust me when I say there are MILLIONS out there who are happier in their haunted misery because admitting they’re unhappy or depressed isn’t worth the embarrassment so they’d rather believe a dead person hits and scratches them, and torments them for no apparent reason than just say “I’m unhappy”.

Some people thrive on the attention being haunted or possessed brings.

Especially if they can make money from it which fucks me right off because they often charge people to be around their lies and propaganda and it’s my dead that get the blame or exploited and I can’t stand it anymore.

So there you have it.

I hope that explained it better.

5 thoughts on “The Difference Between Spirits, Ghosts and The Dead ( they are NOT the same thing)

  1. When you stated: “Ghost’s as in poltergeists, possessions, hauntings, etc…..are all psychological.” Did you mean that they are purely of our imagination and not valid outside of our own mind?

    • Ghost’s are a psychological creation yes. They exist in your mind because you believe they exist. The truth is the dead don’t haunt or hang out with us because the energy required to do so would make living impossible. Ghost’s are what I call Ghosting. You either get those you believe to be real or time bends involving the crossing of two moments in time simultaneously. I don’t use Ghost to describe the dead for that reason. The dead can haunt but they make up less than 4% of actual paranormal activity. Ghost’s and hauntings can be removed simply by changing the frequency with which the mind sees or creates it. The dead require far more involvement to remove and deal with.

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