That Time I Was A Jew And A Serial Killer (my past lives explained) updated

I was 18 when I hid in the bodies. I remember I hid and the SS soldier in his commanding uniform of grey, black and white saw me and he did nothing.

He was a huge man with kind eyes.

I was near a big stone building in the town. Cobbled streets and a fountain in the middle. But this stone building is more modern than that.

I don’t know how I managed it but I remember running down the back of some brown houses with shutters on the windows along a tree line.

My heart was pounding.

I hid inside a kitchen. I could feel then coming closer.

Then I remember abject fear and hopelessness.

I was blonde and blue eyed but obviously Jewish. I wasn’t going to hide what I was I just didn’t understand why it was so bad being what I was.

Feeling so hungry my stomach felt like it was eating itself and just willing death.

I died buried alive amongst others. It is why at 18 I started my journey to find my light, why I was morbidly obese most of my life and why I have always stock pile food.

I hate waste. It bothers me. I would gorge. My miserable childhood didn’t help either. It’s also why I have an absolute fear of suffocation. Being buried alive, confined spaces and why I dont trust people.

Someone dobbed me in. Someone ratted me out.

But because I was an innocent I got to choose my next life.

I wanted to see death from the perspective of those in war who take it so easily.

So in my next life I died in Nam.

I have started having flashes of this one more and more recently.

The killings. The women I killed.

I know four died. I always see their photos. 4 women.

But I think I cut at least one up because I keep seeing the torso and the flesh being removed. I might have been a butcher I don’t know. I cut with precision. Like a surgeon or something. It was methodical.

I hated the killing animals, I know I loved animals. I wasn’t the sort of demented person who killed animals. Only women.

But the thing is, I’ve been getting flashes of what seem like memories and I think the women I killed were family members or connected to me and my family somehow and I think they abused me in some way.

I think a mother and aunt or grandmother and mother are in there.

I think I killed them over time and in ways that weren’t obvious apart from the one. Because I think I killed her accidentally in a way that wouldn’t of been easy to hide.

I know I DEFINITELY knew two of those women. The other two I’m not convinced I know who they are yet but I did get away with it. I never got caught.

I think I was from a fairly comfortable family. Like Defeo and for whatever reason I went to war and never got caught.

I think I poisoned one. It’s why I have the worst gag reflexes.

When I poisoned one of them it looked like something else like heart attack or stroke or something.

I fed it to her. She had no idea what she ate off that spoon.

I can’t hold any kind of liquid on my tongue if it’s gloopy without vomiting.

I’ve had digestive vomity issues my whole life. Because I’m a cancer fetus. My Mum had cervical cancer pregnant with me. I was born with spinal issues too because I was shot in the side and back by my army brothers in Nam.

I have the birth marks to prove it. Shoulder, waist and my lower spine littered with tiny holes from the pellets of the bullet.

My Mum used to say the one on my waist was because when I was a baby she was eating a strawberry and a piece dropped and fell on to my waist and because I was so white it stained my skin lol

How sweet is that?

But I don’t blame them for killing me. I was nuts. I became obsessed with death and I think I wasn’t very nice to the Viet Cong or whoever we captured and I had to be stopped.

I know we were walking in the jungle and whoever shot me was behind me and at the back of the trail.

I rolled to the left down an embankment.

So in this life I have a love of Asian culture, I value all life but Japan is on my bucket list, one of my dearest clients is Hmong and her son my Godson.

I have my parents tattooed on my right arm in Chinese.

I appreciate everything about Asian culture. I long to travel all over there.

Singapore is incredible. Bali I need to see too all of it.

My glyph on the back of my neck is Dariuszen. He was the first person to introduce the spirituality to the Chinese.

So trust me when I say it’s in me.

I also love the Army. My Dad was a WO2 and I was so proud of him even though we aren’t close.

My favourite gun is a Steyr Aug.

I think in this life I was to survive my abuse.

Whatever happened to me as a child as Debbielee I was to come out of so he could too.

Showing him another way to direct that pain.

So I kept the death fascination but turned it around so I could see death instead of create it.

Have a better understanding of the suffering I caused as him. I’m sure my name was D but I’m afraid to say incase I’m just nuts lol

I think I was emotionally unstable because of what I was raised around and I think it’s why I’m anti Illuminati.

In this life I have direct ancestors buried across from Alister Crowley’s house in Scotland.

I think I’m Empath because I needed to know suffering. Needing to see death to appreciate life.

So those two past lives helped shape me to be what I am now so I could help others and further help evolve them and myself in the process.

Now I try to save lives not take them.

I also made myself Anti Occult/Religion because I believe growing up the way I did as him I saw the lies associated with it.

So in this life I’m Scorpio, ruler of the Occult, Regeneration, Sex, Birth and Death because what better star sign to be if you have to be Debbielee?

And part of being Debbielee is seeing the injustice in the treatment of everyone in the terms of the Occult lies and the mistreatment of children.

I’m an advocate of men in this life because I saw what war did to them in the name of power and profit.

It’s why I’m anti authoritarian also.

Don’t want trouble just don’t like everything they stand for.

Men are also more disposable in Illuminati circles.

I know it sounds nuts but I am working in the theory that our past lives are directly responsible for some of the voices who guide us.

It’s usually a positive and negative one.

It’s up to us to decipher the code to figure out psychological mind out so we can heal and make sure we never have to return.

My gift enables me to tap in to the most significant past lives.

The ones that made the biggest impact on who you are now..the burdens we carry for them so we get it right for us.

They might be past lives and not related by psychological memory but conscious memory we do.

It’s called genetic memory and we do story past life memory within our atoms.

That’s why we share DNA with bananas and chickens, daffodils and orangutan.

That’s genetic memory.

Conscious memory is remember parts of being a banana or orangutan.

I tap into these things it seems and help my clients study Thier lives from a greater perspective.

After a couple of sessions or REALLY strong weed I can figure it out with pretty incredible accuracy.

It’s incredible how it begins to make sense to the client.

I am also from a Royal/Noble bloodline on all four sides.

Scottish, Egyptian, Maori and Irish.

I think it’s safe to assume not all my ancestors were good people not involved in the Illuminati.

But I know we were considered good rulers and leaders by the people. It was other royals and nobles who hated us.

My ex was the SS officer in my past life and a Germanic assassin of some sort not unlike The Black Douglas was to the English in legend.

But he was also a French girl who killed herself because she was being forced to marry to make business contacts for her father who was in banking or finance in the late or mid 19th century.

Duty or art. She chose death.

Now in this life he’s got to choose art because the duty side was killing him.

The whole reason we split is because he said that he only married me out of duty but he was marrying his best friend so he thought it was ok.

I had to let him go. Nothing should be fine out of duty.

As said yesterday “they say the truth shall set you free but if that’s true why does a caged pigeon fly home to its captor upon release? Because the pigeon chooses to be caged out of duty to its captor. Only it can remove the cage it sees before it to set itself free”.

Well……we are our own captor.

And I’ve removed my cage now I want to show people how to remove theirs so they too can be free.

My theories might sound nuts but it’s working for me and about 15 other people who are listening to them and they along with myself are getting happier and happier and the voices have started being only the good ones.

I know I put my lived to rest. I forgave myself and have paid my debt.

Now I’m saving. That’s why I got to power up so fast.

Now I just need to give the same power to those who seek to control it.

If your one of my Cubs (follower/fan) of my work youll know I say “With learning comes knowledge with knowledge comes Wisdom with wisdom comes power”.

Now you know what I mean.

Get it now?

Do I finally make sense?

I know sometimes I might talk and explain things like I’ve had a stroke but they had to teach me as easily as possible because I’m not very bright.

It makes sense to me so I’m always surprised when I confuse people and Iit is usually because I still can’t believe people are listening to my theories lol

I’m so used to it all just being a voice in my head so that’s why I type every single thought in my head in these posts.

You read my thought process as I’m thinking it.

I don’t plan my posts. I go with the flow and type when I’m told to.

I’m a chain smoking monkey typing out a thesis instead of stupid Shakespeare.

I’m a Charles Dickens girl myself.

I can do your past lives if you want but I’d have to charge because it takes quite few hours work. The last one took two days. Because I build the story along side the clients anxiety etc…..I do the live first then talk to the client to match up what I see then we have a little therapy session and I show them how to balance the voices by tuning in to their Spirit and past lives.

It’s pretty cool actually.

Some people have the one session and don’t need more because they’re happy to figure the rest out themselves.

Others have monthly check ups.

So if you’d like to get involved I charge £170 but that’s for everything.

Past life, sessions, follow ups for the month. It takes me a couple of days to do it but it’s £75 an hour for a reading session so it’s the cost of 2 1/2 readings with with follow up sessions and 24hr access to me.

It’s cheaper than a pile of therapy sessions and your actually happier because of it.

After that if they wish to continue its £75 a month.

Email me at

For more info OR for a general or mini session it’s £75 for an hour or 12 questions or £55 for 30 minutes or 7 questions.

I even read your pets lol

I do TONS of animal readings.

It’s all just tapping into consciousness.

Side Note: I haven’t wondered if it wasn’t one of my lot that got the misconception about the council wrong.

I know we were famous for our gifts even going so far as being paid by the rich to read for them after we fled Egypt and became Bedouin.

We were chased out by the Saudi King. False accusations of murder of one kings son to another.

We were respected in Persia because we built schools and hospitals etc….loads of stuff is named Al Rashid.

That’s what my Dad said. The internet seems to back it up some what and there is a book called 100 Greatest Kings and Queens in History and he’s in there my Pharaoh ancestor.

So it HAS to be in my ancestry that the Illuminati were involved so maybe that’s why my gift is as it is.

To make amends. It would make sense that my Spirit Elder is Birdie.

The big statue with the bird on his head.

Everytime I see him he’s Egyptian in someway.

He’s the one who guides me most.

So maybe all my students and I are making up for our past knowing what I know about our past lives.

I do know that an Empath never has a good last life.

There’s always tragedy and suffering in the significant ones I’m able to see.

Interesting made more by the fact it is ACTUALLY helping them.

My work IS speaking for itself.

I’ve signed three new client to teach and I’m so proud to say it’s because they saw my work and it resonated with them.

They all understood the Science.

What I’m theorising and putting into practice IS working.

I hope I’m doing enough for my ancestors because if I get this wrong I’m fucked if I know what to do lol