How We Become Atoms OR Light After Death And Why Explained

Einstein said “If you can’t explain it simply you don’t understand it well enough”.

So I’ve been thinking of a good way to explain what happens to us after we die or even when we fall in love for that matter in a way that you can see in your head what I do when I see the magnetism, momentum, gravity, time, balance analogy of atoms in mine.

And I found the perfect example because I think ALOT and can’t rest until I come to a conclusion in my thought or theory.

Imagine you take an eye drop of water and drop it on the table and then take another drop of water and place it as close as you can without touching it what happens?

The two drops will merge and become one bigger drop of water and will move to attract each other and if big enough can move with enough force to move from its original position if the table or surface isn’t perfectly flat why?

Because of magnetism, momentum, gravity, balance, and time.

Love, attraction, conception, death. is just time, magnetism, gravity and momentum in varying forms.

Death is the same.

When you decay you become a drop of water that joins other drops of water that become a bigger drop of water.

The biggest drop of water would be the Universe.

Because if you think of the droplets in a bowl of water or in an ocean you would have a ripple.

So atoms in everything are just when individual drops of water use magnetism, time, gravity, momentum etc….to connect to become bigger drops of water and it just continues like that until the drops of water are so big the push out and move from its original position.

That is the big bang. That’s what the cosmological constant would look like in a description. Drops of water creating bigger drops of water to create a ripple effect.

That’s light joining light to push forward to become more light constantly pushing forward to join the bigger expansion of light.

That’s creation, evolution, death, love, etc….. explained in visual form.

But you could use magnets in your imagination instead of water drops.

If you put enough magnets together something will move eventually. Just takes time……… momentum, magnetism, gravity and balance lol

Understand now?

You can’t get more simple than droplets of water and ripples.

Now just imagine those drops of each individually bead of water and as a whole ocean of drops it joins have consciousness attached, genetic memory of ancestral, anthropological, reincarnate cycles that have been doing this since the first big bang. Since the first cell in the ocean became a jellyfish, dolphin, mammal, ape, human.

That’s a Spirit. That’s what we are as the dead. When we die we join the big ocean of light and atoms to be everything that pushes forward in light to join the light at the end.

Which is infinite. Light is infinite. We can’t see what’s at the end of the light or universe because it hasn’t been created yet.

We’re still creating it and always in.

If are don’t push forward they fall back and dissolve.

That’s why I say from an evolutionary stand point it’s better to be the front end of a sneeze than the back end of a comet.

To not be light is to be nothing at all.

Nothing who’s purpose is to evolve and expand wants nothingness.

If drops of water don’t join other drops of water what happens?

It dries up and becomes nothing.

Only dust particles would remain over time of water that once was.

Consciousness is responsible for expansion. It has to be drawn to where it belongs or lose momentum and fall back and die out.

Time, magnetism, momentum, gravity, balance aka consciousness.

Atoms (or drops of water)

Me and my brians lol always thinking.

I’m such a Paranerd lol