Look At How Much Weight I’ve Lost Because Dead People Told Me What To Do

Size 28/30 to a 12 (8 US)

5xl to a small.

I’m trying to work it out in pounds and stones but keep getting it wrong. I was 26.6 stone but I’d lost 2st prior to that weigh I. Where I realized I had about 15st to lose. I’ve lost more than my target and have about 1 stone to lose but it’s toning up tiny pockets of lose skin. Nothing grotesque now but it used to be. I’m athletic in body tone. Someone said like Wonder Woman or Xena aka Amazonian. Because I’m 6ft tall. My tits though lol I was a 44G now I’m a 38 GG and needing a H but refusing because the bras are horrendous. I don’t understand how my tits got bigger. Each boob is 5 1/2 of my hands, it used to be 4 1/2.

Fibromyalgia gone, insulin issues gone, sleep better, sex drive increased by a gazillion %, eye sight improved, arthritis gone, cycle returned to normal, my skin is like a babies bum all over my body, people think I’m Dorian Gray lol

All because I listened to voices in my head.

I’ve still got some toning up to do under my arms, chin and tummy from my pregnancies but I’m about 95% done.

It’s just skin tightening up now and it’s happening.

I wanted to lose it slowly because I never want to be fat again.

No more looking like someone tried to badly animate Totoro with a neck.

I can’t wait to see the end results.

I get compliments on my tight arse lol

I’ve never had a compliment on my arse before other than it is a smart one lol

I feel fantastic and I cannot thank the voices in my head enough for having the patience to finally get through to me.

It’s been worth every muscle ache.

I’m now addicted to working out (in my own way).

Never to be told what to do I’m so grateful they let me find my thing on my own.

I’m so unbelievably happy words can’t express it.

I’m finally in the place in my life I always wanted to be but never thought I’d be “I’m at peace”.

I’m happy. No matter how bad it got it got me to where I am now and so it’s all been worth it.

Once I’m living in NY my life is perfect.

The 29th July 2015 was the day I started living.

If you look carefully you can see a bit of my ab poking out of my shirt.