Children’s Imaginary Friends Explained (updated)

Children aren’t usually afraid of what they’re seeing until they see how everyone else around them reacts to it then they get fear placed in them at what they’re seeing but children have two types of connection to the dead.

The Psychic and Physical connection.

Of the two types the Psychic connection is two pronged and I’d like to explain the difference.

Having been a child, raised children not just my own and worked in Kindergartens and primary school I’ve observed children and their interactions with their gift and after many years of observing, testing and deducing I’ve come to release that kids are time travellers more than any other stage in their lives because what we call Imaginary friend actually in most cases is a case of time bending and two children (or a child and gifted) are playing with each other together in different times believing the other is Imaginary.

They aren’t though. They’re real, living, breathing and in their existence just in a different time.

You have guardian spirits and living Spirits.

Guardian Spirits are the ones kids see who have died and come back to communicate telepathically or clairvoyantly for example.

And even if the child says their friend is ill it doesn’t mean dead it could mean a kid from the days of an outbreak or epidemic from Victorian times or whenever ill in his bed trying to escape his tedium by going off into his mind (PSYchic as in Psychological) to play with his friend.

People have no idea how powerful our minds are. Our brains are super computers and when you get light as pure as that of a young Spirit aka child you can manifest all sorts. That’s why the elites like them.

They know the power they contain.

The Visitors are the living Spirits.

The living psychological connection to a living person. Connected in time. Telepathy is just the ability to manipulate time using thought.

If a child is stressing out because of abuse, neglect or anything psychological not only do they have the ability to erase traumatic memory for good to deal with the anguish but they also have the ability to escape their torment by going in on themselves and who better to run to than another child who just wants to play.

A child won’t understand what’s going on or why it is how it is but they never question it.

Children are so much smarter than us when it comes to the dead.

And children DO have the ability to manifest negative energy.

That’s when it becomes physical. Or Paranormal. Things falling over, being knocked over, knocking, rapping, grasping voices etc….children can be just as damaged as adults and that’s why children MUST be taught how to control their gifts because once they become teenagers where the chemicals change and they hibernate to step out of being a spirit to adult if they don’t get help controlling it they basically become loaded weapons.

Teenagers are fatal to themselves and everyone around them if they aren’t raised in a supportive environment.

If you get it wrong with a child with the right support and love they can thrive and move on to be happy individuals.

But get it wrong as a teenager and your setting them up for a lifetime of self destruction and misery.

A teenager has to be exceptionally lucky to survive a trauma as a teen and not carry it through to adult life.

Be it addiction, abuse, depression, anger, suicidal, homicidal, maniacal, obsessive etc…..

A child’s Imaginary friend is either going to be someone watching over them or someone in the same place as them at different times.

The other thinking the other is the imaginary one or Spirit/Ghost when in fact they’re both real at that time.

The younger you are the closer you are to the light. A child doesn’t start loosing that light until society starts to help raise them. School age, when they get friends and form social bonds etc….that’s when they begin to see reality and start to focus on fitting in.

My boys see the dead like I see colour. It’s absolutely nothing for them. Regardless of what form they come in.

I homeschool and encourage imagination and creativity because it helps them 1000% better to see the all sorts they see than if they just thought dead people were Japanese in white night dresses with long lank black hair lol

But as far as their connection to their psychic self and the paranormal self are concerned they’re more comfortable with it than I am.

Our children learn from their surroundings.

Support and nurture their psychological minds as well as their physical minds.

Let them have the relationship they need with whoever is around and watch them.

Watch how they act. You can tell when it’s a spirit of a living person or a dead person.

The interactions are decidedly different.

When it’s the dead there is a physical reaction.

When it’s not it’s a psychological reaction. So when it’s the dead they’ll have physical effects like goosebumps, emotions, clairvoyance, telepathic connection, etc…..

When it’s a time bend (or imaginary friend) or stress thing you’ll see effects in the physical world like telekinesis, kinetic energy, clicking sounds, bursts of light, physical interaction.

See them move, can talk to them etc….. tangible evidence.

But with the dead the evidence is in your psychic mind.

Even if on the rare occasion they manifest infront of you you’ll get goosebumps and have nausea, dizzy etc….all in my mind based issues.

The psychological connection between consciousness will affect your body in some way.

With the Psychic or the Dead it’s your gift or connection to the consciousness affecting you physically.

But with the Paranormal is your mind affecting the things around you physically.

The fear of the paranormal is always worse than the reality of it.

So if your afraid of the ghosts remember they’re not dead people.

They time based impression left in the atmosphere and anything else like negative things, you created yourself.

On the rare occasion it’s a negative dead person the affects of which is more than people could handle.

It’s never been anything I’ve seen in any show be the explanation for

I’ve not seen in haunted house or place in any country or station or show or media forum where I’ve diagnosed it as a negative Spirit or Demon or Evil Dead person.

A negative Spirit or Demonic bad person who dead is rarer than the manifestation of a good one and that stands at around 1% of all activity are dead people manifesting and appearing to the living.

Most of YouTube is faked. You can spot them a mile off.

I’d love to show you all every single video in YouTube claiming paranormal activity and debunk them for you so you can see why I’m get so pissed off and feel the need to fix it.

Arm everyone with the knowledge so they can have the connection themselves so no-one gets ripped off or lied to again by a fake or fraud claiming knowledge of and connection to death.

And our children are our first teachers.

Watch how they deal with death.

It’s with innocence, grace, poise and dignity. A child is a gift, a living Spiritual gift and it’s our moral obligation to make sure they never lose their connection to death.

Because then they grow up like me and mine. People like me need to learn this.

No-one will learn this better than an Empath. It’s our calling.

I always say “A Sympathetic person is someone who listens to pain with headphones. But an Empath listens to pain with a megaphone”.

So you know how I say the younger you are the closer you are to being a Spirit? A conscious frequency that is YOUR essence?

Well Spirit have access to all time.

Imaginary friends are time bends.

So children have the ability to travel out with time because their innocence and purity make their gifts impervious to influence until the parents or society step in and take over and tell the child they’re imagining it.

Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t real.

You can’t see gravity but we know it’s there.

Well they see time because they are Spirits.

The kindness and love of a child is in its simplest terms angelic.

And they have the ability to time bend.

Which is in easy terms when one picture on a snap shot on a roll of film bends to over lap or bypass another snap shot on the same roll of film and either overlap it briefly which is what “Ghosts” are that I can Ghosting.

Or time bends where you can see and interact with it because they are two moments at different points in time existing as one snap shot.

That’s what I believe an imaginary friend is.

Time bends where the minds and souls of the innocent split time.

Time is light, gravity is light, Magnetism, momentum, all of it is light. If time, gravity, momentum etc…were going fast enough you see it as light.

Well it is to me how I see it. And Spirit and the dead can manipulate time because they are light.

Consciousness is THE light.

Go to the light means go to your consciousness that exists in time.

And children are light because they are Spirit.