The Poop {Pope} Announced His Retirement as Poop. JUST LIKE I SAID

I said he would go underground and be histories last serving Pope because he’s going to get arrested actually and the church plunged into darkness.

I said in 2013 we would have one more Poop. The Poop is going down. All religion is but you all know I said in 2013 this would happen and I was right. Police tape comes next.

He’s gonna try and run like a coward but they’ll get him. They’ll get him good . They’re all done for.

The cases against them won’t be ignored. They like Tony Blair, Bush, Brown, Cameron etc…think they’ve gotten away with it all and they’re all about to come crashing down with their pride, power and ego around their ankles.

I can’t wait. I shall get drunk. They’ve been the bain of my visions for far too many years.

HA!! So that’s Beth and Frank stepping down lol LOVE IT!!

Jewish, Christian and Muslim faiths are next.

This next video is the Universe telling the Catholic Church IT’S OVER….YOUR TIME HERE IS DONE!!!