The Secker Wood, Gallows Lane, Yorkshire Experience

We went there yesterday to record a video. I immediately felt sick and dizzy when I got out of the car.

The ex said he had felt dodgy there before himself but I’d asked to go to a place surrounded by trees that had a clearing and he took me there.

I don’t know the history of this place. I never felt or saw the dead.

I’m assuming because of the name and the crossroads it was where they hung people as was tradition in the UK back in the day.

But this was far more than a dead person being hung. I’ve had many a hanging, it’s NEVER affected me the way this did yesterday.

The further we got into the woods the worse I became.

I completely lost my bearings in a clearing. My brain felt like it was spinning in the opposite direction to my eyes.

I kept falling down and tipping over. I couldn’t find a point to focus on to follow.

I started heaving, I was trying to stumble away and kept vomiting.

My heart was thumping out of my chest.

I LITERALLY felt like I was in a room fall of spinning magnets and my brain was the compass.

It was without a shadow of a doubt thee most distressing thing I’ve ever had to experience physically and mentally.

I’ve never felt so confused and discombobulated in all my life.

My son’s start to walk me back to the car and as I’m walking back I could LITERALLY feel the earth sucking the energy down through my body to my feet and into the ground.

I felt my body drooping inside. I cried and I don’t know why.

But I didn’t see or feel any deaths. I’ve had those kinds of deaths and it’s never like that.

Even battle fields don’t have that feeling and I’ve been to Gettysburg and Bannockburn.

I got to the house and immediately passed out for 2hrs. All I remember is when I got to the car my phone beeped from one of my students and my phone burned my hand.

It was electrocuting my hand and it burned my hand.

Copper and iron rich soil can do that to someone like me.

It can give you massive migraines and really damage your brains capacity to function if someone who’s higher tuned magnetically is around copper or iron rich things.

Copper makes me really ill.

Gold too. I can’t stand gold. It makes me sick.

It could be that something happened there I guess but this was something I’ve never experienced in my life and I’ve seen and or experienced pretty much every kind of death ever.

This wasn’t a death thing.

This was something more.

My son felt it too but only a tiny fraction amount.

He just said he felt dizzy, when he got out of the car and it wouldn’t stop and it’s why he didn’t climb the trees because he didn’t want to lose his balance.

I’ve never had a spot on earth do this to me.

Now I’m intrigued but never wanting to go back ever again.

That was horrible. But I need to know why.

I still haven’t come right. I couldn’t hold my phone for about three hours before it stopped burning with currents coursing through my hand.

I don’t know what’s happening to me but it’s certainly interesting.

I think the place is called Beverly but I’m not sure. I know it’s in the country and part of the Trans Pennine Trail.

Just had to document it.

I’m still dizzy, I stand and immediately wobble about.

My eyes haven’t started focusing properly yet and still slightly nauseated.

But my phone stopped burning my hand.

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