New working theory (Spirit Elders/Guides/Guardian Angels)

Are Spirit Elders the ones in control of our subconscious mind?

Do they help point us to the right voices?

The voice of doubt and voice of reason is left brain. It decides our every decision along with our Intuition. But finding the balance between the two can be near impossible for most people so it would make sense we would have someone making sure we made good choices leading to our Intuition.

I have strong reason to believe the Spirit Elder is also the tempter in each situation.

Which is why their role is critical to our journey and why they can never develop a relationship with their subjects.

They’re the balance between our physical mind and our conscious mind.

Like the weights on a scale. Their influence on how we choose to decide our fate is all based on how well we choose to listen.

If we get it wrong they get tough.

They send us lessons ie tempters

When we don’t listen they shout.

Just a theory I’m developing.

Nothing definitive yet.