Remember I Said Broadcasting Of TV Will Be Interrupted?

Remember I said we would see TV stations hacked? One of them is dated before my article seen here BUT I did say it in a different post attached to an entirely different subject matter long before March but I talk so much in here I get buried in my own words.

I don’t plan what I write. I write what I’m told and when. I don’t plan any of what I’m gonna say. I think it then write it then write as I think and write what I think as I think it.

But it’s proof I’m right. Because one day soon it’s going to get interrupted with things the world will need to see but won’t want to.

This is just the beginning

You Know What I Noticed About My Secker Wood Experience?

After I go there I write like a nutter.

After I go there I philosophies and super inspired to write what I theories which in turn teaches me AND you.

But see……that place sucks big fat sweaty hairy balls. Its unequivocally without a doubt the worst place I’ve ever been to on earth for how it makes me feel.

I only drove past on Sunday and that’s me in bed for 3 days. When I went there into the woods or tried to it was a week.

It makes me feel like shit. Its HORRIBLE.

So you know I gotta go back right?

I need to know why now.

I need to know why it’s affecting me now when it didn’t before.

It seems since my power up in December/January it’s magnetised me somehow. Because it’s definitely a magnetic effect that place has on me but when I come out I’m inspired.

Sick as a dog can’t move it stand up for days without falling over but bloody hell do I figure shit out.

I have to go back. I need to record it so you can see how it affects me.

Why can’t I just leave things alone?

I’m a bugger for punishment.

Its gonna wipe me out 😔

But me and my stupid brain need to know why.

Why couldn’t I of just been like….a stripper or hooker or something?

Oh yeah coz I was too fat to climb the pole lol I would of taken to roof down the minute I tried to climb and I’m too fussy with who I sleep with.

I was a whore but I was a picky whore. I couldn’t sleep with just anyone. I’d line them up like a conveyor belt.

I’d be like “No………..NOOOO…….maybe….you stand over there………no….” Which means my kids would starve or my addiction would last 30 seconds because I’d never earn enough to feed my addiction lol

Least I’m honest 😌🙃

I Feel Sorry For Anyone Who Thinks Ghosts And Spirits Are Dead People Now

I know it’s an elitist thing to say but now I understand death in its varying forms the concept that Ghosts and Spirits are dead people seems so far removed from actuality now it’s become primative to me.

I can’t even say it’s Neandertholic because the Neanderthals were super smart and knew the dead returned as voices and dreams.

Our cavemen ancestors actually had a beautiful respect and high understanding of death and what happened to the souls afterwards.

The Hispanic also with their Day of The Dead.

It seems once Religion took over it went tits up because I laugh at how stupid Religion is in regards to the afterlife and Spirits etc…’s so archaic.

Its why the countries with the strongest religious practices are the ones dying out the fastest.

Their refusal to embrace technology and change with the times is keeping them in the dark ages and we know what happens when something doesn’t leave the dark.

It disintegrates and wipes itself out.

Faith is a core fundamental to the balance of Consciousness.

If your faith tells you talking to the dead is evil and there’s heavens, hell’s, demons, devils, punishments, that retribution is ok, killing for belief is acceptable and men and women aren’t equal and technology is bad then your culture and civilization will go the way of everyone else that didn’t embrace the change.


As in dead so it is in life.

If you don’t embrace light you live in the dark. The more you embrace the darkness the quicker you ensure your destruction.

Once an atom is destroyed it ceases to exist at all.

Antimatter is what collapses entire universes. It decides fates just like atoms. Where atoms add or expand everything, antimatter takes it away.

Well…….the middle East and most of Europe, Africa and Parts of Indonesia and Asia are about to become antimatter.

Their self destructing. That’s why they’re all brutalizing each other right now.

The light is spreading fast and the darkness is turning on each other just like I said it would.

Look at what’s going on in Indonesia and Asia right now.

Its nothing short of primative behaviour. What these people are doing to each other in the name of Religion is abhorrent and darkness on a whole nother level. They’re sending themselves back into the dark ages.

The violence being perpetuated in these sorts of countries is nothing short of backwards.

Like the word Roman or Viking, Muslim, Jew, Catholic, Buddhist etc….will become memories of the past. History.

Never to be repeated.

There is no excuse ZERO excuse for savagry and it’s exactly what’s happening.

You can think your justified and a martyr in this life but your in for a shock in the next.

Any God that demands, expects or demand you take life in their name isn’t a God. Its a Devil.

God is a noun and it means to create.

The only thing killing does is destroy.

If your not helping your fellow man your hurting them.

The level of brainwashing that goes on in regards to faith and Religion is the reason we are in this mess and the reason why in less than 20 years we’ll be like Planet of the Apes.

But not hairy apes. Just human ones.

And most of us will still be alive to see it happen and will only have ourselves to blame.

Think of our evolution and the essentiality of it in terms of the old adage “If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again”.

Our planet or our Spiritual system will just wipe us out and start again.

If you don’t believe me, think of Ice Ages, Meteors, Pangaea….things get moved, wiped out, never to exist again because it’s not God that decides our fate.

Its the entire universe. Our solar system itself is conscious.

The planets hum to soothe each other. When the sun is distressed (she will eventually become like earth. She will cool down and form a crust just like earth. Her core will be ore etc…like earth because she is still on fire from flying through space after the big bang where as earth got further away and has had more time to cool down because it’s further away from the after effects of said big bang).

The earth’s gravitational spin is because it’s still hurtling through space from being sneezed out from the big bang.

There was a huge super planet at some point. Those that evolved quickly got off and saved themselves.

We haven’t evolved quick enough. We’re holding ourselves back because of our slow embracing of technology world and civilization wide.

But the sun really does get upset and the other planets hum to her and she calms down.

When earth is upset the animals feel it. So it’s all relative and you can say it isn’t but it is.

I thought earth was one of the babies but actually we are at the front of the sneeze.

Well we were.

Not now. We’re still ripping each other to shreds over an invisible man who sits in judgement on a cloud telling people it’s a sin to create a child out of love because your not married in his office or that it’s bad to give your child life saving treatment.

If having a child out of wedlock is a sin why does God let animals and plants do it?

You could argue that it’s because we’re the smart ones and animals are here to serve us.

But animals don’t construct weapons to destroy as many living souls as they can. Nor do they give a shit about trainers or them gutless pathetic Kardashians.

Animals don’t fuck for fame and they don’t care about money.

What they do is give themselves selflessly and freely so we can all exist and cohabitate.

And what do we do? We brutalize them too. We run around like we own the place and we’ve only been around for 5 seconds as us.

I tell you something here and now in regards to Trump and the Kardashians.

If I ever meet him I’m gonna smack him. He better be doing the “keep your friends close and your enemies closer” thing.

Because they know the shit is about to hit the fan. The Clinton’s are getting arrested. Once they go….it’s end game for the Elites because she’ll talk faster than anyone to save herself.

They are squealing already looking for people to blame.

The Kardashians are no exception. Its all fun and games being super fun cool devil worshipping rich and powerful people until your cornered and left without anyone to remove the walls your cornered in.

And they ensured they pushed people enough of the right kind of way to make sure the rage that comes from the everyone makes their demise nothing short of vicious, terrifying and brutal.

So well done Elites. You set yourself up for your own downfall this whole time you’ve existed lol

Its all about evolving now. I see the light so bright now it’s just…..I wish you all could see what I see.

I can’t even put it into words.

The light…’s winning.

Its another reason why I’m so happy.

I’m in love, I’m not fat, I have the best job in history, my husband is hot, my kids are perfect little messy smelly farting buggers, my students are loyal and hard working, my clients are healing, I get fan mail lol and I don’t need to hide anymore.

The light illuminated my path just like earth’s and I’m not afraid to be me in public anymore. Because nothing that happens to me matters to them anymore because they’re too busy saving themselves and fighting each other.

I love my life so much. It just keeps getting better and better the more I think, talk to the voices and figure stuff out.

This article is dedicated to AntGirl from Italy.

M don’t apologize for showing me your appreciation.

I never know if too many people are actually listening so when people like you each out to me it lets me know I’m not a looney shouting at squirrels.

I’m so much more than that.

Yesterday it was birds 😳

It spurs me on. I’m going to send you a copy of my book as a token of my appreciation.

I only wish I could sign it for you. I’m going to get it published though. But I’ll send you a digital copy as a hug from me for your beautiful email.

And also to Miss Emma who made me cry because she sent me a card in the mail to tell me I’m the shit. Lol

Thank you for spreading the love.

With it being the anniversary of my sister’s death at the moment your outpouring of love was very much appreciated.

I love you both and this article is for you.

Love and Light



Case in point re Asia

This is us people. We allow this.

Even The Voices In My Head Are Arseholes 😒😳

I am laying here at 5.29am thinking about how awesome Atoms are.

I’m thinking about how on the other side of worm holes and black holes are the other part of the ripple of the continuation of the big bang effect.

Or cosmological constant in effect and I said “But Spirit see the middle of an atom I understand about balance is critical to what an atom becomes but what it looks like in the middle, whay it looks like is just like the a compass. An actual compass….its no joke.”

I said “It looks just like that thing on a navigation system on boats that wobbles and goes left and right to determine how steady everything is, its used to make sure something I’d flat or even as it goes”.

I don’t know the name of it on boats and planes but I know it’s to do with the horizon and direction.

And they said “You mean like the tool builders and carpenters use for make sure shelves are level?

I said “Yes YES that’s it a Spirit level”

They said “Why do you think it’s called a Spirit level DUH!”.

LOL I was just Pwned by the voices in my head.

I love my head lol

In Loving Memory Of My Sister Laurie Callaghan

Today (In New Zealand) on the 31st of May 1991 you took your last breath and left us devastated.

When ingot up for work that day when I was 18yrs old I didn’t know why I couldn’t go in but I had to and Mum didn’t stop me.

I sat at the table getting ready and she said to me “What’s wrong?”.

I said “I don’t know, I just don’t want to.go to work today”.

I was training to get my Early Childhood Development Certificate and was working at the Kindy that day and I LOVED that place.

I’d make up silly stories for the kids and we’d go hunting for Lolly Monsters (lollies are what we antipodeans call sweets or candy).

I wasn’t expecting the “So don’t” reply because usually we’d get a “go to work and see how you feel response”.

So I called in sick.

Within the hour your tumor hemorrhaged into your brain and you began to fall into the final stages of life but we didn’t know it at the time.

There was just Mum, Emma (your daughter you just gave birth to 7 weeks before) and I home and remember feeling the need to take the baby to you.

It looked like you were sleeping. And when I bundled her in next to you, you turned your turbaned head towards her and smiled and I remember she stared at you for the longest time.

I know now she was maybe taking in the last few moments she’d have with you alive.

Not long after you started convulsing. You kept throwing yourself off the bed and you had a bang on your head so when you did it again I held you down and you were so bloody strong you almost threw me off the bed like something out of the exorcist.

We calmed you down. Poor Mummy didn’t know what to do. I yelled at her to call the doctor and he kept fucking about.

At around 2.30pm you threw yourself off the bed again and took the bedside drawer down with you and I screamed at Mum to calm an ambulance.

She did and as you may frothing at the mouth I cleared your airways and breathed twice but you lunged upwards and lay down and made the noise I know now today as the death rattle. You started pointing your finger at someone just like Siddy used to do.

I put you into the recovery position and I spooned you so tight and rocked and hummed in your ear. I sang More Than Words because it had just come out and it was the first song I could think of.

You stopped rattling and I felt your body relax.

The ambulance arrived and that’s all I remember pretty much apart from people being called and someone trying to reach Dad at work.

Then I’m standing at the hospital waiting to see you and it felt like ages.

I remember Uncle Meynell, Mum, a Priest, Erin and David being there but no-one else.

Then Erin asked “Are they just tidying her up or taking bloods or something?”

And I’ll never forget the look on Uncle Meynells face when he realized we didn’t know you were already gone.

At that moment the curtain was pulled back and there you were. In your pink dressing gown, black turban askew your hair sparse from chemotherapy poking out.

You were sitting up propped up by pillows. You looked asleep.

I remember feeling like I’d let you down Lauri.

You were my big sister. I was your sister. I should of been the one to save you if anyone because I was there. I breathed into you.

I couldn’t understand what I’d done wrong.

At 18 years old I took it personally that I’d JUST passed my Comprehensive First Aid Certificate with flying colours the week before and there you were after I did CPR dead.

I remember running out screaming.

I remember briefly at Karen I’d then buying a packet of cigarettes and smoking them all the way home.

When I walked inside everyone was there. People were worried about where I’d gone.

If been gone for about 6hrs and I remember I went to go into my bedroom to be left alone and Wiremu jumped up and grabbed me.

He wrapped his arms around my shoulders and neck and squeezed me into him and held me so tight and he said “Don’t Debbie, let it out”.

I tried to leave but the more I struggled the tighter he held me. I just stood their letting him hold me. As tears steamed down my face I saw our poor Dad.

Sitting on a stool, glass of whiskey in his hand with the 1000 yard stare on his face.

I felt then it like never before.

I cried so hard as I took Emma from her basket and lay down in bed with her and breathed in your scent that was still on.the blanket she was wrapped in.

I just wanted to love her so hard.

I’ve only seen you three times since you left us all those years ago.

The first time you were standing in a meadow. You said you couldn’t stay long before you were going to look after all the children.

You coming to Dad was my first real encounter with proper medianship.

I’ll never forget the music box playing with the lid down and no batteries and Dad talked to you like you were right there in the bed. He was so calm and not fussed by it all.

I remember thinking how cool it was because you know Dad.

He encouraged it in us but never showed it in himself unless it was overwhelming.

I took that experience he had with you that night one week exactly after your passing and used it as the model with which I would base a lot of my current practices and theories on.

You’ve been gone longer than I knew you sister and yet I remember so much like it was yesterday.

Our family fell apart that day never to be fixed.

7yrs layer Dad joined you and I did CPR on him too.

7yrs after him Mum joined you.

So now your all together.

I’m sorry we fought the week before but your last night alive was incredible.

I sat at the dinner table making everyone laugh as we ate fish and chips.

I said “Dad ask me how my day was Dad ask me about my day Dad ask me how my day was Dad ask me go on ask me Dad”

He said “How was your day?”

I said all exhausted in a comedy don’t know where to begin voice “Oh Dad don’t even ask”

And you, Mum Dad laughed so hard he spat sauce at Emma and it landed on her head.

After everyone went to bed you sat between my legs and I massaged that hump of fluid on your back and we talked until about 11pm.

Little did I know when I hugged you and kissed you good night it would be the last time.

I’m so glad we told each other “love you” “love you too”.

I wish Emma knew you.

She looks so much like you at times it gives me a fright because it’s like looking at my sister in the past.

You know what’s funny Sis is that I never asked why with you.

I always understood if you were with all the children it was more important than being with me.

I now wonder if your children are the same as my children.

The ones who need that Callaghan protection.

I miss you when I think about you.

Your always just right on the surface of my mind.

You don’t talk, but I know your there. I feel you now. It feels like Friday the 31sy May all over again.

I don’t know if anyone is going to see you and Te Whanau at the plot in Bulls.

I’m going to bring my boys when I come home.

It feels like it happened a millennium ago but at the same time it still hurts like it was yesterday.

They say time heals all wounds but when it’s losing someone so young it really just scabs over because when you do go back to that moment in time in the time travel in what we call a memory it hurts like hell again.

But it’s ok. Love is pain, pain is grief.

The more you hurt from their loss the more they were loved.

Facebook is littered with family remembering you today so you know how loved you still are even after 27yrs.

I love you my big sister.

I always have and always will.



P.S my sister got cancer when she was 24. It started as a malignant melanoma. She was one of the first to get skin cancer at a time when people didn’t know tanning beds and the sun weren’t bad.

She had a mole on her leg and had 5 operations on her leg. She had no calf muscle in the end.

At 26 the cancer spread to her back. She found out she was pregnant the same test she found out she had 6 months to live.

She was due on the 31st of May and the induced Emma on the 17th April.

She died on the on the 31st.

I’m always grateful she got that time with Ding Dong (Emma).

This pink dressing gown and black turban is what she died in.