I See The Executions Of Hollywood And Global Elites Coming

Yes I was shown it. Every country on earth will be given the right to execute anyone and I mean ANYONE including Royals and Presidents, Celebrities and Business where it is deemed bad enough to fit the crimes.

HRC, Royals and even some Hollywood celebrities.

Some countries will run out of bullets and have to resort to other means they’ll execute so many.

Savagry because some won’t have even been tried yet. Lol

Its like…….the Universe can literally feel the swamps draining the oceans to drain the swamp.

Does that make sense?

They’ve got to get small ones to catch the big ones so they can get the small ones. Never Ending cleansing cycle until there is nothing left to drain.

That’s how it feels if I had to describe what I feel.

My Dead are waiting anxiously…….I feel so many eyes on me now.

Its making me nervous too.

Can you feel the magnetism? It pulls me from behind.

The earth is pulsating. My phone isn’t electrocuting today for the first time but I can feel the electricity flowing through me.

But I can feel the magnetic energy of the planet pulling me from behind. Magnetism is heavy on my body. I’ll hurt bad once it settles down. Its making me vomit and my head is pounding but it’s just because magnetism does that to a person.

My body is aching. I get nauseated when I move so I have to rest today.

I might fall down. I’m fading in and out of time.

Its hard for me to live normally now. I live in a world of vibration, frequency, energy, the physics of death etc….so I forget to eat.

My ex has to make me eat breakfast because otherwise I just work.

Its just because I know I’m helping people but I’m also aware that it’s my Science and my gift in the wrong hands would be fatal for most minds let alone lives.

So I have to perfect the psychology behind the physics of death so in the wrong hands it’s stopped.

I never reveal the whole thing on here. I always leave bits out. Reserved only for my students because if you solve the riddle of what I put out it means you’ve put in the effort to earn the right to have the gift.

And part of that gift is seeing people like Hillary Clinton being sentenced to death.

As well as The Pope and The French Presidents etc….if they survive the trials that is lol

People will be savage on them.

Some won’t even have lawyers brave enough to represent them. Lol

So you can imagine the crimes involved if countries like Canada and New Zealand are sentencing people to death aye?

I knew something was going to happen to me the other day. I need to find the post.

Which means if I’m feeling this I’m about to experience a new thing physically or psychically.

Zuckerberg is one too……

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