USA Vs Russia Thing

I gotta say this……I don’t believe the feud. I feel like the stage is being set to trap Europe in a grip.

Squeeze from both sides.

Russians are smart. I’m not saying Putin is a saint. Far from it…..I’ve seen the man trust me…..but I don’t believe for one second he’s a child killer like the others.

I think he’s hard because he has to be. I just feel like people like him and Trump positioned themselves in these roles to get some stuff done.

I just feel they’re different to how they’re both portrayed.

I think this is why North Korea are trying to behave. Because they know what’s coming so they’re “presenting” like submissive animals.

I feel like a stage has been set and they’re positioning all the actors.

It sounds nuts I know.

But I trust Spirit.

I think their mad dogging is a mask.

I think they do corrupt shit, are ruthless and cunning. Cut throat definitely. But I don’t believe for one second either of them would tolerate the raping and killing of children for sacrifices.

The two of them play chess not tiddly winks.

These children……these babies of mine…….the ones I babysit (dead) and the ones I’m trying to keep calm and find (alive) don’t fear them. So I don’t.

I feel like some of the children know it’s almost over.

I just feel hope…….there’s hope.

These tapes will put all differences aside.

Black, White, Asian, Arab, Jew, Muslim, Hindi, Atheist, Young, Old, Felon, Lawyer, Rich, Poor, Gay, Democrat, Republican, Straight, Trans, Trucker, Artist, Make, Female, Millennial and Anarchist etc…….will become one.

Because once they see the tapes of what’s out there going on…… no-one and no-one else will matter.

And this begins the new dawn of a new world getting in order.

Lining the streets. The world over. The death toll will be horrendous for them. Some willing some not so willing lol that man cowering in the corner getting his head kicked in cracks me up every time.

Because I know he’s sitting there right now thinking his shit don’t stink but any minute now he’s about to find out just how much it stinks the most.

BOOM!!! Combat boot right in the head. Stompy Stompy stompy. If he’s not Mussolini’d I’ll be shocked. A few of them will be Mussolini’d. Wives, Children (adult not child), Parents, Aunts, Grandparents, Staff,……….taken down. They’re all related. I’ve told you this before.

Its why they’re all having trouble having kids and need to bring mongrels like Middleton etc…. Harry’s marriage to the American is to protect royal interests because of the Queen’s assert seizures. That’s what I feel.

Unfortunately some innocent people will die in the crossfire but not large in number compared to the bad guys.

But see it feels to me like after it’s over I think Trump and Putin will happily fade into the background and let everyone else take it from there.

I just wanted to document it because it’s what I’m feeling.

I think a LOT as you know and I’m trying to feel those two out.

I think the shock will come in the fact that North Korea aren’t going to be the most evil country for its treatment of people when all is said and done.

China will be.

And I’ll remind you of that dream vision I had where the streets of couples are lined heartbroken at hearing why their children were killed in earthquakes etc….(remember I said that earthquake that killed all those kids years ago in China where the government offered free fertility treatment to those who lost kids was done by design?)………….why people were executed for stealing bread and their organs harvested…….it’s all gonna come out and China is the country who’s people will take the most drastic of actions against it’s rulers of all of them.

Watch……and put your popcorn bucket down and grab a whiskey.

I told you last year it’s gonna get intense……you ain’t seen nothing yet.

When it happens remember these words.

“Welcome to my nightmare”

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