The Latest Visions I Saw

1) Experiments:

As you know from yesterday there are children being given medications and injections of things to test their reaction to things.

There are 8 in a room but there are other rooms.

Its one of the islands. Spirit keep saying “The Island of Dr Moreau”. Whatever that means.

They’re strapped down like in asylums. Wrists, head, chest, knees, ankles.

Injected or given things to ingest then the men and women in lab coats sit and observe.

They don’t die. They just stuffer. And the girl talks to me.

She’s 12. Blonde, brown eyed. There’s a younger boy with her who is on the brink of death.

She just keeps asking when am I going to come get them?

I cried all last night because of it.

2) The children given a hallucination inducing drug that makes them see these things they showed me that looks like a cross between a grey and Gollum from Lord Of The Rings.

They have greyish skin, wrinkled, sharp teeth and they dance around these terrified screaming kids hopping from foot to foot like some ritual dance before cutting the child’s throat.

They have pointy teeth and their skin looks like leather. I can see it so clearly.

It smells repugnant. But these kids know…..they’re copus mentis the whole time.

They just don’t understand what they’re seeing.

They beg for mercy as they are about to die.

I have seen four high profile people take part. Two of them both female take sexual pleasure from it.

They’re brought into a dark room with dark wood around it and they sit in chairs with their hands tied behind their backs.

There’s sliding wooden doors behind them in what looks like an old mansion.

I have to document it. They wake me up in the early hours to show me stuff and I’ve been contemplating whether to post it all day.

Battling whether I should or not.

But after those videos and photos I just got today I’ll type out every last fuckin detail.

They came to me. They chose me.

I will let them down.

Im not fighting it anymore.

You’ll get the lot.

I just need your help to do it.

Just don’t give up on me.

I need to know your out there.

Keep encouraging me. I need your support. It keeps me strong.

I don’t feel alone when I know your listening.

Reach out to me okay?

I need you guys to hold me while I do this for these innocence.