The God Concept Is To Manifest A Real One Theory.

Is the idea of God a concept we are trying to create in reality? Is God a concept of consciousness? Because the word God is a noun, it means to create.

So for every vibration that gets it right a life is created. We are either trying to create a chain of command that ends up a perfect human or God or we are all trying to help everything else achieve god like status because then you get to create life.

We are all God, if we create, we are God, God means to create. Spirit said The Word God is a noun and it means To Create.

And time weaves the fabric. What we create for our time lines weaves the fabric of it.

So religion was created in the hopes that if enough people believed in it, and practice their occult ritual of brainwashing and obedience, repartition and fear we’d create one into existence?

If enough people believe the spell it manifests it. Its classic occult practice.

If you understand how spells work not like a moron it makes perfect sense.

We do manifest our own reality after all.

So Blob and Satin aren’t real. They’re an ideal planted into the minds of the brainwashed or afraid and subservient in the hopes that if enough people do the ritual eventually one shall be created.

Strength in numbers.

But Religion is dying out.

Its not working anymore. So they need to try and remind people to pray but praying isn’t helping people anymore.

Its not putting food in their kids mouths or getting them home safe.

If you don’t believe it or give in to the fear, it can’t exist.

Why do you think he’s so vengeful and horrible to people?

He’s Satin under the guise of Blob.

But it’s all the same thing. It just depends on what you choose to see.

They don’t care what you see as long as you see.

Either way it’s about control.