Please Know I’m Taking Good Care Of These Children

I want you all to know that. They chose me. I’ll give up my last breathe before I let them down.

They are NOT suffering. They’re all as they would be as normal kids. None suffer in Spirit. They see the bigger picture in Spirit. Its only as mortals they suffer. Its not carried over.

They’re just normal happy children but with the wisdoms of 1000 life times.

I’ll do whatever I have to. I’m not afraid. I’d risk it all again tomorrow.

Spirit will provide. They never let me down and I’ll never let these children down. Or the men and women either.

I’m stronger now I know I can trust Trump. I know now my glitch was left brain and I’m going to do whatever I have to for these children and so these innocent people can be heard.

I’m on a mission now.

Viva la Vérité

P.S the video they speak of where the NYPD are crying etc…..that’s the one I told you about months ago.

Told you I wasn’t lying.

The Fight Club is real.