Antiseptic and The Elites

So you know how I said the bad ones up there don’t like dirty blood?

I always thought they were Ghekko looking Aliens but they’re not.

They just think they are.

Indigenous people know this.

But they only take healthy people and children. Its always people under a certain age, fit, healthy, child bearing age.

Otherwise they’re being killed to be silenced or used as prey.

They want to ensure our germs are not going to get them when they consume our blood.

The purer the blood the stronger they grow.

But they’re losing the ability to breed as punishment for their evil.

Hence their genetics programs, the fertility craze and the fascination with twins.

If your allowed to have Twins as a celebrity your in favour.

If you get chosen to be sacrificed your martyred.

And a lot of them know there is a possibility of it at any moment.

So they’re treated like the sacrifices are.

Like God’s until it’s time for the stars to become actual stars out in the Universe and why they worship the moon and sun etc…. because they believe that’s where the Council came from.

I can see why but it’s not even close.

The way they tried to elongate heads and necks with binding etc…..the robes and stuff.

They’re not Aliens at all. They human who think they’re alien.

And they know they’re dying out.

And they’re panicking.

But some are now helping us bring their lot down now.

Because they know if they have to die and come back they at least want a better start than the others and they won’t go down like that.

I call them the finger pointers and deflectors.

So if your ever caught, spit in their face.

They’re freak like you wouldn’t believe.

Sneeze or cough at them. Lick your hands then touch them.

They might kill you but it will be a quick death.

Unlike the others they keep alive.

Just saying.

Watch this movie if you can.

It explains it all perfectly how the Illuminati select willing sacrifices.

And how they manipulate their members.

Its graphic though. Cheaply made but an incredible movie.

Be warned. It is GRAPHIC. Don’t watch if your easily scared.–v1tg