The Reason CBD Isn’t Better Than Weed.

The high you get from the weed soothes the neurons in the brain and lulls it to sleep so it can pinpoint where the pain is to target it.

Much the same way when your ill your body requires sleep to help you rest and heal.

Pain is caused because the brain tells you there’s pain and where the pain is.

When you sleep your Spirit leaves your body and your body isn’t on high alert anymore so it’s relaxed.

When your awake your tense on every capacity.

When you sleep you heal quicker because your body is relaxed like your dead and it soothes the pain better.

Like if you break your foot, resting it helps it heal.

The high you get from weed does the same thing but faster because it affects the brain directly like anesthesia.

CBD removes the high and while it is wonderful for minor things, it is like licking an aspirin instead of swallowing it therefore isn’t affective.

CBD is one of the things Monsanto and Pharmaceutical companies are trying to get involved in so they can stick anything they like in it but weed can be grown by anyone so is harder for these companies to control.

I know Monsanto are already trying to buy out weed growers and being told to piss off.

They plan to grow GM weed so they can remove the goodness from the plant which is happening with CBD oil that’s being sold on the open market.

If you don’t know the source don’t trust it.

They know it’s a cure all and are trying to make sure people get things like cancer again.

Trust me. Stick to weed or oil. Grow your own if you can or go to a trusted source.

Don’t trust CBD if you can’t source the seller.

I’ll continue to have weed and hash oil. The black tar like substance suicides cancer cells in months. But again trust your source.

Some sellers water it down so your paying a fortune but not getting the effect.

Remember one simple rule.

If it comes out of the ground, or ocean it’s natural and as is intended.

If it’s an extract or essence it means “similar to but not quite”.

Always go with what Blob gave us never Man then you’ll be fine.

CBD is ok for mild things or if you can’t get high but if it’s for proper health benefits stick to weed.

The candies and stuff do nothing but add sugar aka poison to the mix.

Don’t ever add sugar or flour to weed.

Yes you’ll get high but you’ll also poison your system doing it.

Requiring more weed because you’ll be in more pain.

Just get a pipe and puff.

Don’t roll a joint unless it’s a Fatty or has organic chemical free herbal tobacco.

I just prefer a pipe.