Burning Skin Latest

Guys, it’s not Syria. These children are in a room somewhere.

What can we injest or inject that can burn?

There’s about 8 plus kids.

My psychosymatic reaction is from these kids.

I promise I’m fine. Once I figure it out it will be fine. I just need to retrain my focus. Its just hard because I was blind sided and a little shocked.

It started as a food poisoning symptoms on Saturday and has ended up burning on Monday.

It comes and goes. Its not continuous.

These children are in a room somewhere I think.

Like Jim Jones but with outer burning.

What would that be? Does anyone know?

No one is talking. Its like everyone is in shock.

I don’t know if it’s past, present or what.

I can’t figure out what I’m seeing.

What burns from the inside out on to the outside?

TENS has been suggested by my Colleague/Former student


It would mean these kids are being experimented on if it’s this.

Could it be a drug trial? Are they testing drugs on stolen children possibly?

I just see purple every time I try to focus.