Are Children Being Poisoned Somewhere?

I can’t figure out why I can’t stop vomiting. I’m heaving so much my shoulders hurt.

Since Saturday….

Then as I had my head down the toilet at 11pm Saturday they said “they’re poisoning us now” so I don’t know if it’s been since Saturday or what but I can feel it.

We can’t figure out why I’m being affected. Its never been like this before with the kids where I’ve felt it until now.

They’re ingesting something. My skin is burning.

I woke up with a burn on my leg. I don’t know what’s going on.

I took a photo.

We thought food poisoning but we all ate the same food.

We thought it was a calorie crash, minerals issue, etc….but the closest thing I know that’s made me feel like this was when I accidentally drank fly spray which had landed in my coffee years ago.

My skin is itchy and I just had my annual check up at the Dr and got an astounding clean bill of health on Friday.

If you’ve ever been under anaesthetic before or get a morphine injection, that feeling you get, that rush of chemicals you feel as it courses through your veins, that head fuck of discombobulation, the eyes going all googly and dizzy, purple spots when you move your eyes, can’t hold your head up kind of drugged feeling.

That mark on my leg burns so bad.

Its clearly psychosymatic. But who are these children?

Does anyone know if there’s been a mass poisoning or poisoning of multiple children in the last few days or weeks?

There’s this feeling of pure hunger with them.

It hurts my heart. My heart is so heavy with this.

They aren’t at my home, it’s just then talking and showing me stuff.

I had a vomit sweat, my hair was dripping. Headache so bad.

I was happy, healthy, running around the park on Saturday with Bert and Ernie. Had a workout, then it started.

I came right again then down I went.

I can feel the toxin in my blood.

But I’m perfectly healthy. I haven’t eaten or some anything to explain it.

Look at my leg. I woke up, got breakfast for Big Bird and Oscar. Had a shower, got dressed, everything was fine.

But my hands are burning holding my phone. Like battery acid. But it’s fine for anyone else holding it.

I can’t touch my phone for long because it gives me electric shocks but today it’s burning my hands holding it.

But we have no idea why.

Look at my leg.

It wasn’t like this this morning.

It burns so bad. My skin is itchy. I feel toxic.

My poor babies…..I don’t know where they are situated.

Does anyone know?

Look at my hand.

When the pen vanished in my hand it burnt like this but now it’s my face, eyes, head etc….my ears bad.

I don’t know why it’s happening. Its an inside poison, something ingested that’s burning from the inside out.

What would that be?

Are they poisoning my kids now for a quick death?

But I’ll be fine and normal (well……for me I mean) then I’m down again, then I’m burning, then fine.

So I know it can’t be anything I’m doing besides everyone else in the house and around me is fine.

But they said “they’re poisoning us now”.

Who? And Where?

I’d like to add that my ex and I have ruled out most logical explanations.

I haven’t shaved in days, I don’t use chemicals on my body, no deodorant, I did use cleaner on Saturday morning but it’s a non toxic pink goo that is 100% organic and safe.

I only mopped floors and cleaned the oven with my tub of pink goo.

Its only dangerous on grime.

I got it because of my children.

The kids just keep saying “they poisoned us” but who and where?

I wouldn’t even know where to look.

My hair even burns.

Its bouts. Not continuous.

I don’t know where to even look to find 8 plus kids who have been poisoned or burned.

Is it the Elites doing it?

I can’t figure it out what’s going on.

I’m freezing cold now. I keep having nerve spasms.

My head twitches and bobs with spasm.

Is it a nerve gas?

Like Syria but these kids are white like my two.