My Vision For Beyond Life/Life

I thought I’d share photos of the sort of buildings my husband and I are looking at turning into our business/charity.

These are in the UK but they have them in the US too. Just to share my vision with you.

So my husband and his crew from our charity Life Beyond (I always get them fuddled lol) will renovate the building the size of the smaller one at the bottom. Start the school. If we do well and can expand then I’ll go for the bigger building like you see and deck it out with Art studio which will cater to all genres like Painting, pottery, photography, graphics, making apps etc….all aspects. Probably be an entire floor.

Music recording studio, movie studio, cafe, bar, mechanics, work shop, gardening, etc…… whatever the students need. For the business Beyond Life School of Psychic Sciences and Therapy.

If we’re lucky enough to get money to do the big building then the smaller building is an example of what my boys will turn into accommodation for my homeless, veterans and ex felons at Life Beyond.

We will have a job for as many of them as we can find but if we can’t at least they won’t be out on the street and they can do chores instead.

I’ll need security, maintenance, cooks, bar staff, cleaners, campus staff, teachers, mentors, computer support, etc……you name it.

I’m so excited to see my vision become a reality before my eyes.

My real estate contact is going to help me find a good rural location in upstate NY somewhere.

I just need the funds and I’m off.

We will just keep buying up property to put our boys in. It keeps them employed and gets my boys off the street.

I’m going to have a sanctuary where they can come talk to me and my staff if they need help.

And a treatment center where they can work out in the gym, have a hair cut and be pampered.

I’ll need barbers and beauty therapists who specialise in organic therapy.

My ex has the logo sorted which I’ll show you once my board members and I make the final approval.

I’m now starting to figure out why I kept seeing me in a building with a brick wall exposed but all modern inside and glass fronted.

I said it was in an industrial area.

It was two three stories high and you could see the stairs through the glass fronted windows.

It was surrounded by buildings like the ones I just showed you.

One of my dearest friends is going to develop a Linux based server for my business and campus and he’ll be employed to run that with a team.

That way our servers are secure.

I’m so excited. Suddenly EVERY THING makes sense.

I saw myself coming out of this building holding a coffee cup. I’d assumed I was staying there for my radio show or something.

But I left the station and nothing made sense.

I kept having time slips of me sitting all skinny at a corner desk in my office with an exposed brick wall behind me laughing so hard.

I look 30 lol but I’m talking to Peeps all casual and laughing. It was such a relaxed and happy atmosphere.

I’m wearing a white fitted three quarter sleeve shirt with a collar and buttons but it was tailored and nice.

Wooden floors. Lots of light.

My boys and ex pick me up in a blue 4 door car but I knew the car was temporary or just a run about.

I think I get some of my former students back too and get them helping as Teachers and Mentors.

I’m so excited.

Its finally starting to take shape.

I’ll get to help some Empaths not want to die and spread their light further than the world has ever seen.

And I’ll get to give some men their dignity back and help rebuild America one building, one job at a time.

If the women can’t look after the men in America then I’ll do it with my team of women from all over the globe.

But trust and believe……it’s gonna get done.


If you can help in ANY way please let me know.