If Trump IS Crooked

The uprising will begin globally and after a few weeks body parts and debris will be global and not much of it will be innocent.

Remember my Alien dreams I spoke about.

I’ve never seen WW3. EVER. Only the end of the NWO.

I’m telling you, something is going to get released. Its not good what gets released and it stops everything in its tracks. A lie, deceit or betrayal is uncovered and flames rise from buildings soon after.

Because of the children.

Then it ends for them all.

And we get our planet back.

They’re trying to divert attention from the Pedogate scandal they’re all involved in.

People are exhausted. When they see what’s going on the rage the planet feels wouldn’t Deflect a bomb.

Its end game. We’re in the final stages. The Elites days are numbered.

This is the rats trying to eat through the body so the fire doesn’t burn them.

If I’m wrong on this it will be the first time and I’d never work again.

I’d be a house wife.

I trust Spirit.

This is a global conspiracy.

But it’s down to Russia.

I’m just putting it out there but I feel like a royal death may be a part of it or the catalyst.

I keep seeing death in the royal household. Then controversy causing the end of the monarchy. You know I’ve been saying it for years.

Its getting stronger and stronger too. Death is coming for the Elites and it creates life.