My Theory About Empaths/Spirits/Mental Illness/Mind Control and The Celebrity Alter Ego ie Psychic Sciences

I can’t help but notice my lean towards the learnings of the Psychic mind and it’s correlation to psychology.

(Psychic being the Science not the ability. Psy meaning of the mind of course and chic…..coz I’ve got boobs?????? Haha)

And I can’t help but notice I’m being directed towards a lot of videos about celebrity alter egos. These transformations they go through are epic. Its like night and day it’s scary.

They’re selling this idea that it’s good to be that other person. But people’s minds are free forming. They must evolve of its own cognisance or it malfunctions.

This is why these people turn to drugs and booze or go nuts because at some stage their sub conscious mind figures out something is wrong.

I truly believe Tupac offered himself and that’s why his last album was so prophetic. He was leaving his legacy to become immortal.

Some of these Celebrities become so brainwashed they see their deaths as being for the greater good and they get martyred.

People like George Michael were silenced. Pete Burns too. Loose canon’s.

But you know I believe the voices in our head we think are dead people are mostly a psychological connection we have to our higher selves, genetic memory from past lives and ancestry.

I can tell the difference. There’s a distinct difference.

We’ll…..I’ve come to the realisation that celebrity alter egos are the Spirits of the past lives of the celebrity being brought forward during brainwashing. Their alter egos are the them they were before reincarnation.

Thus proofing my theory correct that Spirit as the voices in your head are you from past lives. I’m able to separate the two and shut them down leaving only the voice in your gut left and the dead to talk to.

The separation from the voices is destructive. It traps confusion between the conscious and subconscious selves.

I’m taking the voices and laying them to rest because if they are there they have unfinished business. Once they achieve their purpose they leave.

Mine did. The voices I thought were Spirit were my Spirits from the me I was before I was Debbie or whoever I was before now.

The alter egos prove this theory.

Anna Nicole Smiths is a 4yr old girl.

(My Spotify is skipping tracks mid play)

We are supposed to have the voice of our Higher or conscious self. Which is our intuition. The voice in our gut.

But technically it lives in your pineal gland but your gut reacts to the connection because it alerts us to the higher power. In the same way we get goosebumps when static is forming before Spirits or the Dead appear, the gut reaction is an alarm system alert that something has connected but the gut is the most reliable alarm in your Universe.

(Think of your brain as being a Universe all on its own. The neurons in the brain are the black holes and worm holes etc……it’s the very first thing to form once sperm meets egg like a big bang created the Universe)

But our subconscious mind holds memories of our genetic past because we’re all made of the same atoms. We were all someone or something else generation after generation after generation after generation after generation since the first atom appeared to collide and create an explosion that is our still forming Universe.

And our subconscious mind tells us something is wrong. That’s where mental illness or mind control become evident.

I’ve looked and watched and observed these alter egos and they’re JUST like me.

The Council, Spirit, Our Buddies in Space. We all mask ourselves because in society we have to be someone we aren’t so we have to be two people.

The us society wants us to be and the us we are at home with trusted loved ones.

But the difference between us and the Elites is we can control it. We understand what it is and we shut it down at will.

My category are trying to teach everyone how to remove the alter ego and just be the light you are.

If you knew the council, the dead, our buddies the way I do you’d know how playful and sprite like they are.

They are curious and inquisitive. They are so innocent and wise, all knowing and kind, patient. Hilariously funny and simple but full of pure light. I can’t describe in enough words The Council. In 100 yrs I couldn’t describe them adequately enough and you know how I like to use a lot of words lol

My personality is the same. But I’m mouthy lol they’re sarcastic or dry, I’m gobby.

But like….one of our galaric buddies love Victorian engineering. They’re fascinated by how creative we were.

They said “our best years of invention got left behind in the 19th century because Industry turned to greed and that’s when it all fell apart”.

But we are supposed to be evolving past all of this voices stuff.

Its supposed to be AS ONE which is what your higher self is.

Its at one with everything atomic that carries consciousness and that’s everything.

That’s why I can stop snow or make it rain, talk to animals, plants trees etc….it’s Natural Telepathy. Its tapping into the energy around you to read it’s consciousness.

And some of that consciousness happens to be dead people, memories, time etc……and that’s me. That’s what being of the light is.

Its Pure Consciousness. I still need help with the left brain sometimes but only when outside interference comes in. If I’m just doing things my way I’m free flowing energy. If someone throws a spanner into the mechanisms of my flow my left brain kicks in but I shut it down the minute I recognize it.

I think this is why I’ve never been successfully hypnotized. The minute they try my mind kicks in and I analyse what their doing and see flaws and I can’t concentrate on what they’re trying to do.

Its the same with mind sweeps. I appear to shut myself down because I get migraines in my sleep. I always know when they do it.

I hear Neptune and Uranus sometimes too. I heard them on YouTube trying to figure out what it is I’m hearing early in the morning. The sounds are very distinct and impossible to emulate.

My son suggested I look and it’s one of those two I hear. I have a YouTube video I put up one morning thinking I was recording it but nothing could be heard. I look like a dick.

But when you have control over the two states of consciousness it changes the way you see and think yes but the way you feel is even better.

You feel liberated. You have no inhibition when your not hiding what your Spirit feels so naturally being which is the other versions of you that used to be.

But only if it’s done naturally and these celebrity alter egos aren’t this way naturally.

We all do the devil or goat symbol with our hands and stick our tongues out when we listen to heavy metal.

We all do.the peace symbol in photos with friends.

THAT is brainwashing. We have been systematically brainwashed through things like music and movies, aka celebrity.

They place the suggestion into our minds as children or larvae and teen years because that’s when we’re caterpillars about to be butterflies. Its when were the most suggestible.

Its when we break ourselves chemically and hormonally to become our true selves.

Then music, movies, games, sports, sex, fashion, clique thing is the cocoon stage.

Finding ones true identity. We don’t have the bad voices as kids. We see death as just a thing and it’s not until parents misunderstand the situations that they teach the kids to fear their experiences.

My boys have NEVER been afraid of the dead.

The thing is, when you see the celebrity switching in and out of mind control you see their conscious reaction over take the subconscious performance and there is instant recognition that there has been a switch.

There’s a “oh wow…..Hi….who is this? There we go” (look to camera) “sorry about that I was in a trance” etc…

At some point their conscious or higher self begins to connect to the Physical and Subconscious and realise it’s wrong.

When they try to have control of it that’s when they go nuts or get killed off.

Michael Jackson figured it out. He didn’t stand a chance. I feel so sorry for these kids who grew up toys to the elites to be given fame and wealth to reward them for good service.

I feel sorry for Angelina Jolie. She looks tormented. BUT the difference is, there are two types.

Those who are happy to be sex toys and performers for the elites and those who get turned on by the power.

They’re the dangerous ones. They’re the ones who do the killing and sacrifices.

The first group usually cotton one and end up addicted, nuts or dead.

Brittany Murphy, Kurt Cobain, Lennon, Hendrix, Joplin etc…. stopped being compliant or cottoned on.

The thing is, they’re handed to the elites by parents or family members mostly.

But Kurt Cobain should of been a bigger legend than he was but he couldn’t differentiate between voices.

What they’re trying to do these Elites by releasing ones alter egos is emulate the Council, the Travelers etc…that’s where the Reptile thing comes in.

The ones the Elites know look like Lizards. They think they’re in league with or are the Council not realising they’re about to sacrifice themselves for the greater good because they know their going to get blamed for a Project Blue Beam incident.

But they have it so very wrong. Lol so wrong.

They can’t control a mind that is constantly shedding, changing, growing like the very Universe that created it. Not for long. At some point the conscious mind makes you see reality.

We are all supposed to be like me but most people don’t allow themselves the time and patience it takes to learn how.

Apart from Empaths. I don’t know one Empath that isn’t science minded rather than faith or religion based.

Faith is absolute with an Empath by the time you get to the White Light stage.

Then that becomes a Knowing once your of the light. To be of the light is to feel it, see it, think it blah blah and the only way you can do that is to listen to the right voices.

There are the dead, and you. Your inner voice is connected to all other voices of those who have lived before.

But your subconscious is the versions of you you were before you were you who are trapped between stages because they have unfinished business they’re trying to help you fix in yourself in order to heal them so they too can cross over to the greater consciousness of EVERYTHING.

When you cross them over so to speak, the voices left are the ones who know the way, your truth, your light to quote Christians.

Mental illness comes in when we can’t tell the difference between voices and listen to the wrong ones. Making you more susceptible to brain washing and indoctrination.

I am helping people understand the voices and when we do their past life study to lay aspects of them to rest my clients are beginning to feel peace of mind.

Literally. It goes quiet. And all your left with is hope and love and optimism. The endorphins kick in, seratonin is high, we’re all chemically and hormonally charged.

Its why we just love so much. Why sex is so important to us. But the Elites got it twisted. And they get the high from the fear not realising the high is nowhere near as strong as the love.

Just like Monsters Inc. You get more power from the laughter that comes off children than the fear that comes off them.

Well growed ups are no different.

I’m like a big playful child but I’m also serious and determined.

You know that expression we use when someone is being all Grinch like “Oh lighten up will you?”

That’s it. People like me Lighten Up. We see the Universe for what it is. For me, Debbielee this is a Universe I’ve never seen before.

My time as Debbielee isn’t infinite in physical form so while I’m here I’m making the most of it.

That’s what you are in Light.

You make the most of EVERYTHING. Flavours, smells, textures, visuals, sounds etc….. because your born a living Spirit who will never live as you forever in Physical form so we come down into a world that’s our oyster and we’re stopped.

We’re told we don’t fit in. So then we lose balance and focus. That’s the Pathwalker phase. The phase where an Empath tries to find balance again.

If they get it right they become White Lighter then me. If not they go nuts, get addictions or kill themselves one way or another.

The Elites are doing this with celebrities but because they’re trying to emulate a person of Light but the wrong way it’s twisted and become dark.

You catch more flies with honey than vinegar. That’s it in a nutshell.

If you saw me you’d think I was brainwashed. But I’d do smart arse piss takes of the all seeing eye and stuff to freak people out.

I always turn childlike because I have no inhibition anymore.

I stopped caring what society throught. I let go and allowed myself to tune in to the me that just wants to live, love and learn in light.

Because that’s what they all want. Our buddies, the Council, The Dead etc….live, love and learn in light.

Light is innocence. That is why children are so precious. They’re brand new light. Pure innocence. Life or the evolutionary process be it biological or psychological is all undiscovered territory until the light of creation hits the right spot and illuminates the area around the single point of light and spreads.

That’s creation, that’s atoms, that is the highest concentration of light there is. That’s why they called themselves Illuminati, Illuminate.

But that’s how retarded they are. As in that’s how self contained they are. They’re an oxymoron.

How can you Illuminate using darkness? If the only light you have is darkness where is the light they seek to contain?

Their “donations and charities”? Is that it? Because it doesn’t work like that. The matter and anti matter must work together to create what happens next.

You can have money, fame and wealth honestly. Spirit don’t care if your rich or famous. It helps them if you are because you have influence to be a positive role model to everything they are trying to show us how to be.

But it’s how you got famous, how you get rich and what you do with it once you have it they care about.

If you get it wrong even your Spirit Elder leaves you and you become without conscience.

The celebrity who is without conscience are your Jolie’s and Kidman’s etc….the ones still with them are your Michael Jackson’s and Britney Murphy’s.

They get killed because they start to talk.

They design the Celebrities image based on the best version of themselves they can bring out once they go in to see who’s there. That’s who you see performing in whatever their craft is.

When the person gets the voice confusion it’s called Schizophrenic or personality disorders and it’s medicated.

Because the last thing the darkness wants is more people like me standing in the light because once someone like me talks, my light illuminates those around me thus spreading the light.

Because people like me are trying to teach people how to turn the wrong voices off and the right voices on.

The wrong voices being doubt, reason, fear, hesitation etc… whatever it is you carried over from your last lives.

Light is confidence, Dark is arrogance.

My clients and students are learning to differentiate and it’s making a HUGE difference to their lives.

None of them medicate now.

I’m right on this. I know I am.

And the celebrity alter ego thing proves my theory.

The Wendy Williams freak out live on air where they say she saw a demon is a perfect example of mind control. She saw a demon because she was told one was there so she saw it.