The Dead Kids Are Pacing My Floor

I’m seeing them trying to manifest. They waiting for something. Their pacing is making me nervous.

I’m too scared to go to sleep in case I miss something.

There are flashes of hope creeping through.

They won’t cross until they all gather.

They all feel responsible for each other.

They won’t cross until they are all together. So many stayed to protect the others after death.

The living children feel hope. I keep talking to the boy on the wall chains and I keep saying “Hang in there my baby boy, it’s nearly over, the good guys are coming”.

I want so desperately for the men and women who rescue these kids to be dressed as super heroes.

I see guys in boats racing across the water to these islands scattered across the globe to rescue these babies.

Some of them will die the second they’re free. The release of torment, freedom itself will be enough for to let go in peace.

And here they’ll gather and then I’ll release them.

But they won’t cross until every last one of them for the last how ever many centuries have crossed over.

Then our planet should be fairly quiet after that as far as Paranormal activity is concerned. Then we’ll just have your run of the mill dead person contact.

But why are the kids nervous?

They’re waiting for something…..or someone maybe? Oh wait….

I think someone REALLY famous is about to die. Royalty maybe?

Elite for sure….. purple?

And they’re scared the person is going where they.

I feel nervous for them.

But it feels more than that even. They know what’s coming after.

Its like………hmmm………’s like they’re nervous about who’s joining them. Like…..they have loved ones still alive and they can’t see who is going to be joining them and who survives if that makes sense.

I keep saying to them, “it’s nearly over, just hang in there my babies, I promise, please just hang on a little longer”.

I see young children of like 11-13yrs old clinging on to the little ones.

Screaming when light hits thier eyes.

They bad people have been trying to kill them all off quickly and they think they are next until they see the uniforms.

These soldiers and officers can barely carry these children because they are so distressed at what they’re seeing.

My poor Fight Club, so brave. Heroes every last one.

Some of these children are bargaining with them with their bodies because they think it will save them and they can’t register they are free until they see the people crying.

Holding them, giving them food and medical treatment.

This dirty, scruffy blonde girls ears are ringing because she’s in shock. She’s watching it all trying to take it in that she’s free. She knows something has happened but she hasn’t quite registered what it is that’s happening.

I keep talking to them. I keep preparing them.

Some of these kids in Spirit have babies there.

Some of the females trafficked have children with me.

Some of the male victims have babies they know nothing about now with me and alive.

I keep seeing the rescuers in orange for some reason.

Remember years ago I talked about the dream where they eat citizen dogs, burgers, hot dogs?

Remember I said West Virginia, the kids come down from the mountains blah blah?

Remember I said I was in a white van in a street of other white vans and we all had megaphones and we were calling them down from the mountains? Remember I said West Virginia? We were all wearing orange jumpsuits.

We were all climbing out of the vans gathering the children and kidnapped, and putting them in the vans and telling to drive off but hugging each other in a “Yay we found more” kind of way.

We were all colours, sexes, shapes and sizes too. I remember that.

Well these I saw in my dream are some of the ones my kids here are waiting on.

But someone big is about to die and I’m going to assure them the person who dies (I want to say she but am afraid to lol?) will most certainly NOT be joining the place where they are or even where devils would live because that’s too much closer to the light than where they are actually going.

They’re giggling lol

They think I’m funny lol they like the way I am with my boys. Its why they trust me I think. They’re very protective of my boys.

I’m in turn protective of them.

I apologize for my over emotional state at the moment but you have to understand something.

I’ve been talking to these children for a few years now and I’m angry at myself for being so caught up in my own fat depressed self to put the puzzle pieces together.

I wasted so much time fuckin about with other people’s bullshit to listen. I stopped listening to the dead to hear the livings shyte.

So much unnecessary bullshit people have going on in their lives and they want a magic fix or pill to take away their need to have to be responsible to fix what THEY allowed to break. No-one wants to take personal responsibility for themselves anymore and because of that we let these poor innocent people get snatched out from under us.

We used to be clever, we used to invent and create things to help advance mankind and now we just invent and create ways to kill mankind.

We aren’t kind to our animals or trees let alone man of ANY kind.

We let ourselves get distracted by the glory of want and fame.

So they could steal our sanity while they stole our children.

And these children who have been standing before me since 2013 deserve our full attention now don’t you think?

And we will bring so many home.

Many will never recover mentally or emotionally if at all physically.

Their experiments are pretty sick people so prepare for that now ok?

Some of them missing from the 70/80s etc….are still alive. Some are abusers and handlers, some are pets. I kid you not.

Some are like Robots. Cyborg looking and Robotic in nature like their programmed to follow commands.

Some of them have dog collars when they’re rescued. Waiting for their leashes.

I’m getting a headache. Its been an intense day. I can’t stop seeing.

The children and homeless people are here and I think the females and males are waiting with the ones left behind. That’s how it’s starting to feel.

The Spirits I’m talking about. That’s obvious right?

I can’t stop seeing.

Oh I see a theatre. A balcony booth private box thingy.

I’m sitting in one of those opera houses. It feels like somewhere in Europe. And the doors to my right open and men in navy blue tactical gear but without hardwear apart from guns have stormed in with torches looking at aisle numbers and nabbing people in the seats and hauling them off.

They have Fidel Castro style hats on but blue.

Its like Nazi Germany all over again it feels like…..but except it’s because these people are bad. They’re being arrested mid opera.

There will be a mass disowning of each other in a minute, you watch.

The sad thing is people will be guilty by association and some will be hurt or worse simply for being there.

People are going to struggle with reason and sanity for a little bit.

But they’re about to be pushed to breaking point.

And when this is over please…..please… these people. Not just the victims but the Flight Club too.

Love them. A lot of them have died for us to have the freedom we’re about to have.

A lot of them have risked everything to record the things your starting to see.

Many won’t be recognised and some don’t want to be.

But every single one of them did what they did for those poor children, them kidnapped and stolen masses we are starting to learn about and are yet to learn about.

Many themselves will never recover from what’s about come out having been the ones filming or rescuing, investigating, arresting, treating, helping in the videos.

They will need our love and support.

So many brave men and women, so many brave children and babies all giving their freedom so we will know freedom.

I have to be honest. I kept waiting to wake up and it all be a dream.

I keep waiting for them to say in the nut house I’m MK Ultra lol

That Hillary was the good guy and I was brain washed. Because that would make more sense to me than the idea that they really are doing what I’m telling you they’re saying they are doing to these poor poor souls.

I keep saying “Just hang in their babies” I want so badly to hold them.

I want to be nuts because I’d rather be that where I can take nice pills and paint in my garden than the reality we are all seeing play out.

Rather it be me than all of them.

Because if I’m wrong I’ll spend my life apologizing but would never talk to the voices again. I’d shut it down.

I’d probably just walk around the planet until I died. I’d give up. I’d lose faith in everything but the planet.

I’d be too devastated to ever forgive myself.

I couldn’t live with the shame of knowing me if all this wasn’t real. So I’d pack a bag and walk I think.

I’d Forrest Gump it but walk not run. My tits would hurt before I got to the end of my drive way.

People would think I’d been beaten up my chin would be bruised from where my knockers tried to knock me out lol

But I doubt myself because I don’t trust anyone anymore.

I think I trust Trump then I see things like his kids hunting animals.

Which is an illuminati thing. They train their kids young to hunt for the blood lust so killing humans is second nature.

The pipeline thing still bothers me because I refuse to believe it has to be right on that land.

The fire at Trump Towers bothers me. That stinks to high heaven.

He was an art dealer. It says Andy Warhol but I wondered if he did living art as well? Something is wrong about it. One article says he was Mossad but who took him out?

Also now I hear his daughter might be running for President. That doesn’t sit well with me.

I always say trust your gut, and that says “We have to trust him”.

I just saw a famous female getting sledgehammered across the head.

He hit the bridge of her nose and smash it (her nose) into her head.

Blood is pissing everywhere. She’s dying quickish but slow enough to register she’s about to die and it’s not gonna be pretty. Her life is flashing before her eyes before he’s raised it a second time……she’s realized what she’s done and horror hits her when she is thrown back into pitch black.

The kid who hit her, is her own.

He ended their suffering. Their being him and his siblings suffering.

There are two actresses who are bad bad people.

My kids feared them the most.

I really wished I was wrong. I’m so sad.

My keyboard in my phone is playing up on my WordPress app.

It keeps retyping the letters after I’ve hit them. In the size it is when you press a key and it highlights the said key in an over box. But after I already typed it and it slows my phone down and makes it feel like it’s being pulled downwards when I’m pressing keys to type. Its annoying.

Anyway…..get ready. Shits about to hit many fans but many rose’s will grow because of it so don’t worry.

Just…..keep calm. We are no better than them if we get violent.

I just got shot in the top of my fuckin head, ouch that hurt.

Right side. She can’t even be two years old. 😖

I felt the bullet come out of my jaw and through my toe.

I fuckin hate this.

I just want them home.

One way or another I’ll bring them home.

Alive or Dead I’ll take them home here or there.

Then they can all finally have some dignity.

Its the least I can do.

NOTE: I just learned Code Orange is s first responders thing. Maybe we are wearing orange because we are the first ones there? Our megaphones might represent those of us trying to spread the truth?