My Darlings Don’t Worry About Me. I’ve Truly Got This.

I’ve been getting such an incredible outpouring of love and support from so many of you. Thank you all so much.

But you need to understand something. I have been prepared for this for a LONG time.

Nothing will stop me protecting those babies and innocent people out there.

I made a deal with Spirit and The Council many years ago and they haven’t let me down so I won’t let them down either.

This is bigger than me. Please don’t make this about me. I’m only one person. They are too many to be forgotten. The needs of the many far outweigh the needs of the few remember.

As long as my family are safe I’m happy to do what I have to for these Souls.

My family back me 100% while keeping my boys guarded from what’s going on.

My support network is incredible.

My students are like bullets surrounding me, my ex is my shoulder to cry on and sounding board and my husband holds me.

My boys are totally unaware of what’s going on. They’re busy creating memes, Angry Birds forts out of pillows and toys and listening to Vivaldi (no joke) and annoying me with the feckin Ugandan Knuckles “Do you know de wae” bollocks lol

I’m determined more than I’ve ever been to bring these kids home and to give them a voice.

Your love and outpouring of support keeps me strong.

Please understand what I write helps me express what I’m seeing.

It’s therapy for me to get it out. It helps me see better if that makes sense. Because I see as I type. That’s why my stuff is so random.

Sometimes I’ll write not expecting to see anything but write then BOOM!!! Out it comes.

I have my tantrum, I cry then I move forward because going into a depression doesn’t help those kids.

Getting depression makes it about me and it can never be about me. In my Code of Conduct I said “Always put others before myself”.

I could never let it be about me. Nothing I go through could come close to comparing to anything they are and they need me.

I can’t turn my back on those poor souls for a second to make it about me.

I keep seeing wards full of children in shock.

If I can be responsible for bringing one home alive then my entire existence was worth it.

I have people who can carry on my legacy long after I’m gone but no-one carries theirs.

I want to carry theirs long after I’m gone. Its the children I’m going to dedicate my school to.

I’ll train people like me to be like me so no child goes missing or unheard of again.

I’m going to get a garden commissioned with a huge art piece in it dedicated to the memory of the innocents who gave their lives so we could be free.

I thought, in Craft terms children are pure. Their innocence is purity in its highest form. The best way to defeat sadness is with fun and fear with laughter.

So I’ll have a wee park, or outdoor seating area in the grounds where my children students can sit, or people can eat lunch etc….and just gather and reflect.

Oh I heard from my property guy too.

He’s 100% on board with helping me find a suitable place to buy.

He said get the funding then we can start looking. So Yaaay!! I’ll get my charity up first because they’ll be the ones renovating the buildings to my specs.

I’m gonna get these broken Empaths healed and sent out to be awesome so we can start doing what we should of been doing for over 2000yrs and that’s to watch over the community.

I have a vision, a plan and it’s slowly getting off the ground.

I’m like a steam train now and your support really is helping me more than you know.

Your emails, texts and comments are helping me get stronger and stronger.

I’ve been seeing this a long time. Its just a shock to you because it’s all just sinking in that it’s real. I can’t believe it either but I’ve had many many too many years of seeing this stuff to be as affected.

If I falter I let them down. I can’t let this be about me. I know your there listening. Trust me……it’s my fuel when you reach out.

But I had my tanty now my students and I move forward determined to get out in America and make it all be for something good.

People need to know the truth about Death and the Paranormal and by doing that we will clear the way for healing.

My school will then send some of the chosen healed ones out to be good people.

We owe it to those who died for us to live rich rewarding lives where we help one another.

Because right now it’s the opposite.

But every day is a new day and every day we are one step closer to setting them all free in mind, body or spirit. Whatever the needs may be.

I feel hope in the air.

Change is coming but remember, none of this is mainstream yet. Change doesn’t come until all I say is mainstream.

That’s when the rage hits and if what we’re saying isn’t reaching mainstream news yet can you imagine how bad it’s got to be before it does?

My mind boggles as to how people are ok with this stuff not being in their subconscious but worse is those who know it exists who can do something and aren’t.

I’m trying. For all who read my stuff that’s more people who know it’s out there.

The more people I get looking for signs these children exist in the real world means more people looking for the children period.

I survived my abuse, I thank blob every day I was strong enough to see it the way I did so I could gain strength to fight for the children abused who can’t speak up.

If I can save one…….then my abuse was worth it. I’d take those attacks 10 times over as a child so they wouldn’t have to because I grew up understanding how it works.

My mind is so good at analysing situations and I self analyse constantly. I test myself constantly. Mind and body sweeps to do a maintenance check lol

But I was lucky enough to figure it out young so I’m not worried about my abusers. Nothing they did to me will compare to what they do to themselves when they die if they aren’t there already.

They will never take my power. That darkness has no power over me.

And as I said this isn’t about me now.

So trust me when I say I’m good. I’m just here trying to earn income and stick to my principals.

Loving my babies and enjoying the connect with my dead because it helps me see more.

The more I see the more I can do.

So thank you for the show of support. Please don’t stop.

My email is if you want to reach out.

Viva la Vérité