Cannibalism and The Island’s Of The Elites AND CCTV PROOF I’ve Been Right Since 1990

I’m shaking. I tried to tell you. You tried to destroy me. You can all say your shocked and look what you found but I’ve been seeing this stuff for decades. I tried to warn you. All I got was bankruptcy and abuse.

You all cost me my entire life savings and put me in debt. BUT MY TRUTH LIVES ON. I WILL speak for the innocent.

None of you seen what I saw. None of you see what I see. None of you get told what I’m told.

NONE of you would listen. I’m so fuckin angry at you all.
This is what I’ve been seeing for decades and now it’s coming out. I tried to tell you. My Dead ARE the ones being eaten and coming to me and have done since the 90s.