Twitter, WordPress and Facebook Have Shadow Banned Me

Here are the clicks I got on 1 article. Clearly you see people clicking on my article.

But it’s not registered on Twitter, Facebook or WordPress. How disgusting that places like WordPress are blocking such things as exposing Child Abuse.

I have thousands of missing clicks, shares, likes and followers who don’t register on my stats. Not Plurk, MeWe, YouTube or anything shows in my stats. This is why I need to go mainstream. Because WordPress is stopping me from talking to my thousands of followers on Social Media and this is the end of the world stuff they’re stopping me from warning you about.

I tried to ask for your help and you ignored me. So now you all go the same way.

It all boils down to this. They are just as guilty as those my dead are warning you about. I’m a threat. And if you don’t listen your next.