These Celebrities Make Me Want To Be Sick Even Adele

They physically repulse me. They kill these children too ya know. They are just 0.1% of who does it. They sell their souls but the hilarious thing is they think they’re doing it for the Devil but the Devil is just all the psychological damage in your own head conjured up in a manifestation. Its the drawing out of your inner demons that create them in actuality lol so when they do this stuff for Satan they’re actually just doing it for their own mental lol it cracks me up now to think they think they’re being all spooky but they’re actually just drawing in their own mental illness for power lol it’s all now suddenly looking like Fantasia lol it’s cartoon magic hahaha cracks me up. And I said Adele was the “fat one” the one wheeled out to promote big is beautiful. I can’t wait for the Kardashians to go.