I’m So Angry At You Willfully Ignorant Fools

You have NO idea what I’ve been through. What I’ve lost going public with my predictions. The Baby Back Ribs and Kids on a Spit stories are next. And the rest as well. And what did you do? You betrayed those kids by trying to destroy my life.

I hope every single one of you who turned on me never EVER has to go through what I’ve just been through talking for these victims.

But then that’s why my gift is what it is and yours aren’t.

I stayed loyal to the cause which was greater than myself, my ego, pride or my income.

You chose instead ego and pride. It will now be your tormentor. You will carry this over with you if it’s not released.

Shame on every single one of you. Babies and children, innocent people all dead and I was the ONLY cunt brave enough to speak up and risked it all doing it.

This is why your gifts fail you.

Your not worthy of going near those kids.

I lost everything because of you lot.

I will NEVER walk away from these innocent victims and children until every single one of them has crossed.

My conscience is clear. What about yours?