My Son Electrocuted Me After He Left The Room

You know my issue with electricity lately? My son came to snuggle and was creating static electricity between his head and the Totoro blanket on my bed when he touched me and a surge of electricity went up through my legs.

Every time he rubbed his head and touched me it shot up my legs and hurt. Hurt REALLY bad. I can still feel it surging up my legs even though he left the room 5 minutes ago.

The thing is….I recorded it on video.

Why is electricity becoming a thing now?

Can you get electrocuted with static from hair?

Coz that bugger hurt.

I recorded it.

I just don’t want to show my son.

He’s in a bit of it but I’ll get the ex to edit him a cat face or something lol

I can still feel it going up my body from where he touched me. Like it’s slowed down.

But it still prickles. Its not pleasant.

But I need to emphasize. I know it’s static but this wasn’t just a static charge.

It went up my body like an electrocution when he touched me and it continued AFTER he left the room.

My skin feels prickly like he’s still touching me but he went downstairs 8 minutes ago.

Its painful. Its not pleasant.

Am I Magneto? Oh please let someone write me into a comic book.

I want to be called The Quantum Menace.

Scientist by day Vigilante by night.

Like Batman but not a girl with feelings like Batman.

Tight leather, corset, purple and black, but chunky boots not heels because fighting crime in heels is impractical for my intended purpose. Boobs fully loaded lol

Psychic Sciences would be my weapon. Telekinesis, Telepathy, Metaphysics, Time manipulation etc….but for every life I saved in Spirit and on earth I lived a month longer.

But I live the constant battle between do I live a normal life and only just outlive my great grandkids or do I save everyone and live forever never aging?

Who wouldn’t read that?


And Jean Grey is my nemesis but secretly my sister.

But she got adopted and I didn’t so I’m bitter because she’s seen as the perfect one.

But I can kick her arse because I learned to harness my gift as a child because I was determined to kick her arse for abandoning me as a baby in the crib coz we’re Twins and we feel everything, we’re connected for life without even needing to be in the same country.

That would be the best thing ever to be a comic book character.

I’d go to Comic Con dressed as Me lol