If You Need Help Finding Balance In This Life And The Life Beyond This One

Email me at beyondlife2018@gmail.com

It’s time to put an end to your suffering.

All sessions are a one off consulting fee of £170.

You get a 2hr session and follow up consultations if needed.

Monthly sessions after that are £120 for 1.5hrs a session

Or £500 for 6 sessions.

All sessions are booked around you and your availability so if you can’t do a full 1.5hrs you can break it up over the month.

Contracts will be sent and filled in as will a copy of the Data Protection Act to assure confidentiality.

I am now a Certified Life Coach but I call myself a Psychic Life Coach because I deal in the Psychic and Paranormal Sciences and all that fall under that category.

The reason the first consultation is £170 I’d because most people only need 1 session. It’s enough to set them up on their journey.

Let me help you use my connection with Death to help you live a happier life.

“Let Death Heal Your Haunted Life”