Why We Sometimes Get It Wrong In Readings.

One of the things I’ve been trying to figure out in the last 5yrs is why I could do readings for some clients and it be 100% accurate and for others barely 50%.

It never sat right with me that I could be scary accurate with so many people and then with others I’m embarrassed at the connect.

I hated doing readings. I hated predicting. I was always so afraid of getting it wrong I believed it was what made some readings go worse than i wanted.

I wanted to give everyone an incredible experience with Spirit. To help them know their Spirits in an intimate way like I do but it wasn’t always the case.

But then I started to ponder and observe the dynamic I as the clairvoyant had with each individual client and I saw a pattern emerge.

Now knowing what I know about time and frequency I’ve come to realize that people like me with my gift aren’t supposed to read for everyone because not everyone matches our frequency or is drawn to our frequency.

It’s always a compliment when your recommended to people for readings but we can’t read everyone. It’s not possible, it’s not intended and here’s why.

In order to do what I do I need to tune in to my clients frequency. Via email, letter, phone or in person, I read energy. I connect to your Spirits who then show me your future.

Yes I see incredible things but the stuff I see in your future is all down to whether you took the steps necessary to make it happen.

By which I mean this.

Every decision you make has an infinite amount of possible outcomes based off one decision.

I can see one of the possible outcomes if not the best possible outcome you can have and predict it.

However if you choose a different course of direction everything changes.

I see one strand of your possible future not necessarily the strand you’ll take, but I’ll see one you can take should you make all the right choices.

The thing I’ve found is, the better the connection with the client, the more relaxed the client the more open they are to the possibility of making that change happen.

I in effect start off a chain reaction causing the client to bring to them the best possible outcome based on the fact they wanted it and believed it to be so.

And this as you know is what I call Quantum Magnetics.

The power of attraction is an incredible science and it is 100% correct in function and purpose.

When a client has that connect with the one doing the reading the connection goes beyond a reading. Most of my clients have an incredible bond with me. It’s personal. They trust me with their deepest darkest secrets and fears and because of that trust they place in me and because they’re relaxed around me, their vibration is higher and I can read it better.

But when people come closer off, suspicious, defensive or anything like that it sets the tone before the reading has begun.

I will literally turn people away now.

If I don’t have that connect now I won’t read anyone.

By read I mean read their energy. I don’t do predictive readings anymore.

It’s not fair on the client. It pained me to get it wrong. I felt like I was letting them.down which I don’t blame them.

I didn’t want that responsibility on my shoulders anymore.

I have sessions with people now. I predict to guide. I help guide people in their life, I help them find their life purpose. I let everyone who comes now know that I’m only reading energy of people looking to improve their lives not looking for lottery numbers or Mr Right.

If in the course of my working with you I see Mr Right I will tell you. But see when I just show people how to do this themselves the results are 100% correct every time.

I help you find your Truth instead of me trying to see if.

But how can we ever really see a truth in the future you haven’t even made the decision to live yet?

It’s only if you want it to happen it will because you then pull it towards you.

And I’ve found for those who want it bad enough to happen, they make it happen.

I never stand a chance against anyone who comes to me with their guard up. It’s like trying to move a mental brick all. It’s stressful if you take what you do seriously which I do.

I only ever want to be the best for everyone.

But it’s not possible if people don’t want the best out of you.

Some people set you up to fail without knowing their doing it but not relaxing enough for you to read clearly.

If my ability is to read the equation that is your life and you hide some of the numbers I’m never going to see the entire equation and the answer would just be guesses and that’s where we get it wrong.

That’s not fair on the client or the one reading.

That’s why I don’t read anymore. It’s better for the both of us if I teach you how to do it yourself then you don’t need me or anyone like me.

I don’t read just anyone now. By read I mean read their frequency, not predict. If I don’t feel the connect I don’t agree to contracts or take them on as clients.

It’s not fair in either of us to do so. I’d prefer they save their money for someone they do connect with. But I won’t read just anyone now because I owe it to them to be honest and say “I’m sorry, I’m not feeling it” and save them money and disappointment than to take a stab at it and get it wrong.

They lose money and faith in you and you lose faith in yourself so it’s better for me anyway to avoid the pressure all together.

I think it’s the responsibility of anyone conducting a reading to admit before hand if they don’t feel a connection or not.

But the client should also either do the same or go in with no expectation and be open to possibility. It’s not easy doing what I do and the pressure people put on me sometimes is immense but never as bad as the pressure I put on myself. I’d get ill before some readings. It was horrible.

But see when someone comes to me and they’re open to the exchange and they just need clarity on their life direction and they walk away excited and positive about their future…..there is no better feeling in the world.

I now have the best job in the world. I found my calling and it’s teaching.

Writing, teaching, educating, talking, being me. That’s my calling.

And I haven’t gotten it wrong since.

Everyone I took on as a client since I started Life Beyond Psychic Life Coaching has grown exponentially.

Not one has asked to stop. All of them moving closer to finding balance.

I use my techniques on them. Them following instructions is the first indication if they’re going to listen or not.

So far all of them listen and it’s paying off.

I’ve kind of merged my training of my students together with life coaching and come up with my business concept and charity from it.

I’ve lived and learned and I appreciate you all letting me.

If I hadn’t of had these experiences I wouldn’t of tweaked it a to what it is now.

I was offering 6 course training sessions up until recently. You’ll notice I took the offer down. I have also taken my posts down about looking for new students because I’m no longer doing those kind of classes either.

I’m just about my profile so I can reach the masses and teach now.

Then when I build up the profile I’m in a better position to sort my school out. Be it for investors or donors.

Then I can do my charity from there but my school comes first.

That’s my priority.

I’ll give away scholarship type things. People can pay to come do Empath Therapy but not just anyone can enroll. I’ll assess EVERY applicant who comes through that door.

No-one enters that school unless they get my say so.

But then I’ll employ homeless men, veterans and ex felons to build the school, and then turn the buildings into housing for the others like them. They’ll have jobs. Be it outside or through the school or charity we will find something for everyone to do.

I want to be as self sustaining as possible. In which I mean grow our own fruit and vegetables for the café and restaurant’s etc….maybe a bakery too who knows. But also a wind turbine, solar panels etc ….

I want to do show cases for my artist’s. We’ll have an on campus gallery and every month we will showcase a different artist.

We’ll have poetry night, book club where each writer can come and read their work out loud to people.

Song writers, bands and groups can perform in the bars and restaurants.

Load their work into the college version of Spotify.

I want to get old cars and let the boys interested in mechanic’s to tinker around with them to get them running again.

Maybe have drag race events or they can sell them for profit or something.

I want sculptures made by my artist welders etc…around the campus.

I want a drug den lol where you can just smoke weed and listen to music or watch a movie.

I’ll have theatre like places where you can smoke and read, or one theatre for gaming, one for music, movies etc…..each theatre will have a weed for sale that compliments the room.

You know how some weed is better than others for certain things?

I’ll have a movie theatre. My movie makers and animators can showcase their stuff on it.

We’ll make games and apps, build stuff, garden, whatever my Empaths need we will have on campus. Pottery, leather craft, D&D room etc…. people can set up businesses on campus. Be it the craft they make, cakes, books, tattoos etc…..but we can only employ people from the school or charity. Everyone must give back and contribute.

I want to try and go cash free where possible on campus. Obviously it’s not totally practical but it would be up to the individual and business vendor to agree on how goods and services were traded.

One of the first things I’ll ask a potential student is ‘What is your favourite thing to do?’ and then set it up for them if I take them on.

I am so excited.

This is what a person with a gift is supposed to do with it.

Help others. What I do now is so much more important than predicting if someone should wear pink or red on their night out.

I got paid once to look at porn to see if the man in it was someone’s married lover. She was married too. That’s when I knew I’d reached a new low.

So never again.

I predict to guide. That’s it now.

I don’t get it wrong then, and because the client comes into a session open to the help they’re easier to read the energy of.

I tap in to past/lives using their fears and stresses as my guide.

It’s truly beautiful.

Having someone ask “Am I on the right life path” makes me happy. Because it means people aren’t settling for the lives they have now. They’re soul searching and I’m their guide.

Because who better to help you find it, than the one who sees it and knows it better than anyone else?

That’s what being a median and clairvoyant is. We help people find the connection to their Spirits/Souls again.

I’m changing lives now with every single client I take on. Without fear or nerves because I know this path better than anyone and they’re looking to be put back on their life path.

I am a Path Walker. I’m the only person qualified to show the paths trail because I’ve been on it so many times myself.

It’s identifying with the client that helps you connect the most and I’ve lived it all. It helps put my clients at ease.

I love my job now. I have the best job in the world now.

Admittedly I had to invent it myself but still……it’s still the best.

Because now I’m really making a difference which is as it should be for one with a gift.

It shouldn’t be any other way.