Why Teenagers Are The Primary Target Of The Illuminati.

Because they know how fragile their minds are so they feed them a diet of brainwashing in what they watch, listen to, wear and do from infancy. Stripping identity. Removing the caterpillar stage so they come out dark messed up brown, bumbling Moths that bang into stuff and hurt themselves trying to get to the light instead of beautiful butterflies full of colour and wonder.

The Millennials are the prime example of the ultimate achievement.

Spare the Rod, Spoil the Child, Turn That Child Against You. Thus ensuring they raise their children compliant to the specification. Which is easily manipulated and without free or independent thought.

It’s New Age parents, the progressives having the Millennials. And they’ve gotten it so wrong. They’ve handed their kids shame and for some imprisonment and a life of ridicule and social embarrassment because they thought they were raising sensitive children when in actuality they DESENSITIZED them to humanity. They taught them to comply as a whole not as an individual thus creating an army of foot soldiers for the elites.

Well done New Age Gurus. You handed these children to the slaughter.

And TV, movies, music, games, literature, fashion and media are how they do it.

It starts the second the parents buy them anything themed from a show, team, band, movie etc…like Winnie the Pooh, Cars, Disney anything etc….that’s when it begins.

The control. Why do you think all the school shooters have been under a certain age?

Their easier to control.

The brainwashing has been in place since birth. They just need a trigger.

It’s usually the Katy Perry, Rihanna, GaGa, etc….are the ones who set themselves up to be the pocket watch by the teenage stage which is why they use sexual imagery to do it. Because they appeal to the hormones in the test subject.

It’s these hormones that tip the balance of what happens next in a teenagers life.

I’m gonna be their scales.