Fashion Food For Thought

I’m sitting having an esoteric conversation with my ex who is still reeling from the fact I just bridged the gap between science and psychology as well as came up with physics so complex they’ll be discussing it in 200yrs still….and he’s been deep in thought since my revelation and starting to see my Illuminati pattern in music and stuff.

All my revelations have been sitting in the files in his brain and he came up with this revelation himself that was so good I had to share it.

He suggested this. Men have worshipped curves since the dawn of time. Caveman art, pottery, renaissance art etc….all promoting the curves of a woman and the reason why they promote a size Zero for women is because it makes them look like children. They use the size zero effect to make the models look like flat chested little boys and girls.

Despite the fact that men are genetically predisposed to want a woman with an hour glass figure. Marilyn Monroe. Large breasts, smallish waist, curved hips. Not fat, not skinny. Hour glass.

That 1950s ideal. Sophie Vergara from Modern Family. Sophia Loren.


It’s been scientifically proven that when they asked men what they preferred in a figure they picked hour glass overall. It’s fertility, and nothing arouses a mammal more than knowing he can impregnate. The curved woman is a sign she’s healthy and has the hips to carry his seed.

No heart attack waiting to happen because the female is too fat or too thin. Just healthy.

So to size zero the model also makes their hormones play up and affect fertility. Stops or slows down growth, stops breasts developing, stops periods natural cycle etc… makes you look like a child.

And I think he’s spot on.

I love that the people closest to me get me and I make them think like that.

It means what I’m saying resonates with people. Which means I’m not crazy and I’m on to something.

Or I’m just spreading the crazy lol

I have enough for every body lol