Are Schizophrenics/Bi Polar Sufferers The Normal Ones Of Society.

Schizophrenics are talking to the past life versions of themselves who got it wrong and can’t cross over until they help someone get it right and they just don’t know how to help them cross over? I do.

The fears and phobias we have now are a direct correlation to something we carried over from a past life.

I’m helping people with those fears and phobias in a way that seems to release the subject of thier fear or phobia in this one.

By drawing out the poison so to speak.

So Schizophrenics are just the ones in full communication with those past lives. If I can help them past lives let go, in theory I’d be helping the person release one of their voices.

I am able to talk to someone’s Spirits, that’s how I’m able to read for them. Why I know them so well. I observe and ask questions and then they jump in and it’s life affirming for them to say the least.

The dead play a huge role for them too it seems. Anyone who has something to make up for with someone in this life will come through to help the person deal with the healing process.

It’s a painful process letting go of one’s demons. But for those who are determined to get this right, the drive to heal is too great and they stop at nothing to do it.

It’s requiring of a lot of Me time. You have to become introspective and lonely. You can’t do this around noise. You remember things, painful things and you can’t be around other people’s drama while your doing it.

The memories put the bits of shattered glass back together. The crying and angst in dealing with it releases the poison. I swear I could write a book about it lol How to heal your past life you lol

All the chapters would start with “After you smoke the blunt…….” Lol just kidding of course……or am I? Lol No I am. I didn’t have any for ages. I go with what I’m told lol I don’t argue anymore.

I’ve got this little boy following me around. He never stands in front, only behind me. The unusual thing with him is he’s following me everywhere I go inside and outside of this house.

He’s either too afraid to approach or he’s building trust.

He’s strong though. I had a session with my senior the other day and the bed bumped to my right in a way that moves the base and it’s a heavy base.

Then the car, I thought my boy had opened the door and was jumping in the back seat and I asked him how his walk was and he didn’t answer. I turned to look at him and no-one was there.

Also I keep feeling like I’m electrocuting myself inside my body lol like electricity is surging through my arms, legs, torso and head. It’s uncomfortable borderline painful but I’m used to it now. But when I pick up my phone or go near anything just electrically plugged in or still plugged in I electrocute myself a little.

I hate holding my phone now. It makes my eyes go googly lol I can’t focus my eyesight and my heart beats faster it feels like.

Anyway back to the original post lol

I put it to you that Schizophrenics are the ones in direct communication with their Spirits and are in many ways the best person possible to help them deal with whatever keeps them safe. Helping each other heal. Clearly if the person has has to bring Spirits forward it’s for protection but it would be dealt with as much as the voices would be because in the process of unleashing the demon’s that lurk in their psyche of their past selves they deal with this life too because your forced to confront it all but where I come in is I am helping them see the situation from a different perspective and seeing a way to have it explained so it makes sense in Thier psyche.

Psychic, Psyche, Psychology, Psychiatry, Psychosymatic, Psychopath etc….Psy I’m starting to believe actually means Spirit Self, Conscious Self and not of the brain or mind sort of thing.

Having control over people’s Spirits is a responsibility not just anyone can have. It has to be earned.

I have the power to create or destroy someone’s very fabric of time.

My techniques I’m developing over time are teaching people how to heal themselves. The Empathic Therapy is definitely working.

It’s Empaths…….they’re the only ones classed as mentally ill. Well I’m going to change that. Bi Polar is part of the Psychic Sciences as is Schizophrenia. I reckon I could reclassify most mental illnesses as Psychic Sciences and I’d be right. I’m that sure I’ve figured it out.

If I could I’d write a self help books and show you how to do it. What to expect and how to cope with it when it happens.

I’m on to something and you know it.

Hearing voices are a good thing if you know how to control it. It’s society that can’t control it but it’s not for them to control anything, only we can control it. They’re our Demons, or our penance.

Imagine your a stream of light that branches out of that individual streams of light like branches on a tree to a different life each time it branches out.

The tree stays the same but the branches become something different with every branch.

When the branches die and fall off the tree they go back into the ground and become a part of the tree again because it gets broken down and provides nutrients for the tree thus becoming a part of the tree again, and the tree grows bigger because of it.

That’s death, that’s life. That’s the cycle of life on every atomic level.

Imagine the tree now as light. That’s time. I jump in and out of that time and talk to the individual branches of that person’s tree OR I talk to my own tree and branches.

So now imagine each one of those branches is a life you’ve lived. And some of those branches got to go back into the ground and become recycled back into the tree, but some branches no matter the season stay attached to that tree.

So now imagine those branches don’t leave because they can’t leave. They have a purpose to fulfill because they were branches that hurt the tree. They maybe got parasites or got infected and were in danger of hurting the tree. So they stay stuck until they become a healthy branch that is allowed to go back into the soil and become a better part of the tree.

So that means our Spirit Or Guardian Angels would themselves be the version of us that got it right.

The Elders and Spirit Are the versions of you how got it right and they’re given the option to help you of move into the stream of time and space.

They chose to watch over us.

That makes perfect sense actually. Who better to watch over us lol

So that will be why I’m able to tell the difference between the Spirits and The Dead and the dead aren’t as active on earth as we think lol

They’re a different kind of voice in your head, they’re a whole different approach.

They communicate directly. They don’t rattle chains and I have seen causes of hauntings where Spirit have said it’s their past life haunting the person.

To be clear, I’m not saying Spirit aren’t dead. They are. They are the you from past lives who have died and come to help you get your life right so you can all cross into the stream of light.

The dead are everyone else who has ever lived who have died.

And they talk to us too.

I just know the difference.

Ghosts are real. The dead are. They just don’t wander the earth and tip things over unless your not listening to them but even then the dead stop at nothing to get heard. They let you know. Ghosting doesn’t. Ghosting is a crossover of time streams.

Time slips are when I live two times at once because they overlap.

It’s all just varying stages of time people. Don’t you see?

How does that not make perfect sense?

I feel liberated. My mind is so clear now.

It’s like something popped on Friday and it got rid of the last of the poison.

I can’t begin to describe how incredible it feels. My head is so clear. My files have pretty much vanished. Only a few remain.

I know most people won’t understand it. But I’m on to something and I’d stake my reputation on it now.

Because it’s working on those I’m helping too so it can’t be just me.

I’ve been tweaking my techniques for 2yrs. Trying to tune various people in but it can’t be done with just anyone. It has to be a need not a want.

It’s when the person has reached breaking point. Where they know if they don’t try it my way they’ll either kill themselves or go nuts and get on medication. They’re the ones who make the best student.

Many of my clients and students went off medication all together.

That’s how good my Psychic Therapy is.

That’s why I teach people to a point and if they don’t get past a certain point I have to let them go.

I had my students of teachings past help me tweak my training steps, and how to administer their training based around thier sessions. Each client gets two sessions a month by video. Where they can ask any questions about their training, experiences or get therapy.

So that’s why I’m not taking on any Students. They’re on my BoD for my school. But they’re called Clients now. They sign contracts, I sign it too.

I then work with them between sessions and they have 24hr access to me and it’s really working.

Some of these people have been diagnosed as having up to four mental illnesses who now are off medication and living constructive lives one day at a time.

When they get depressed they come to me, I help them see clarity and they grow a little more.

I don’t put up with bullshit though. I don’t let people feel sorry for themselves though if it’s not necessary. Some people will refuse to see someone else’s point of you and won’t see they’re wrong.

I can also tell when someone’s genuine in their need for help. Some people want the attention.

People who are at breaking point exude a sadness about them that resonated through the message.

When I look in their eyes in the first session I can tell. They really are the window to the soul.

Well I’m the cleaner. I help people clear out the rubbish accumulating in the soul because once that’s clean the tree can grow and grow and grow some more.

I’m on to something and you know it and because of this blog and my students and clients of the past I got to figure it all out.

See how Empath Therapy works? Writing was my releasing the poison.

I used myself as a test subject. This blog is me working out my theory and structing my business and my charity plan as a result.

My students become test subjects too.

But when the test failed they had to be let go of because it takes a certain person to get these abilities.

It seems it can only be Empaths that can be taught how. Empaths walk the line between death and life from birth. Empaths are path walkers and only those truly on a path can become a white lighter, you can only know the peace when you’ve walked a life of pain with your abilities.

That’s an Empath. Path is in the name. If not worked the path of death and suffering you’ll never get this gift.

It’s born in you. An Empath is is living Spirit. We carry the burdens of our past lives in the fibre of who we are in our very essence of being.

Our gift be it writing, music, art etc… our compass. The THING, we do that brings us calm is the dial that points your compass.

For me writing is my compass and music points my compass but lately I’ve been feeling the urge to do pottery. I loved it as a kid. Was shit at it but I think pottery might be my thing. I’m gonna give it ago anyway one day.

My ex is discovering a urge to do leather crafts. Someone else is potting plants. It’s coming out of nowhere. It’s an urge. And it’s because when I’m helping people find calm they’re tuning in to the things they’re drawn to that is bringing them balance.

It’s such an incredible feeling.

I really do have the best job now.

Helping people find balance is just the best.

And now I understand mental illness I think Dementia is next.

I think I’m into something. I really do.