The Cool Thing About Atoms As I Know It That I Love Is………

They did a DNA test on three triplets and it turns out all three triplets were from different origins.

One had a higher percentage of one thing, one was more from somewhere else.

I’ll try to find the article brb

You know how they say when we are dead longer than 100yrs our atoms become a part of something else living?

So you have Mozart in you, and Liz 1st, Ivan the Terrible, Og the caveman etc……those triplets are proof atoms migrate to find their purpose.

Proving my theory that atoms are conscious. Magnetism is conscious, as is momentum, time, balance, gravity.

The things essential to creating life.

Without any of those 5 things nothing could achieve its purpose.

I love my Spirits so much lol

I like the way my writing on this blog guides my line of thought.

Perfecting my theory.

Thank you so much for having the patience to let me work it out.

I’m always thinking lol clear mind clear vision.

Just to clarify I’m still stopping this but I’ll keep it up until I make my videos. Then it’s going to my website and book.

I’m starting my first video on Tuesday. Once the videos start I’m.not writing any more so be prepared for that.

But you can click on the videos instead.

Just subscribe and you’ll be informed. I’m recording my online diary instead of writing it. I’ll also be moving all my articles onto vlob format or video format for those who don’t have time to read. But I will be shutting it down once I’ve transferred from writing to talking on video.

I’m no longer taking Students. I have the ones I want to move forward. I’m about to graduate my two seniors and ramp up training for the other two.

I’m looking at areas to buy real estate in New York for my school.

I’m thinking I’ll buy some old school or industrial building with land and get my construction team in to deck it out with all the things I want on campus.

It will be for Empaths only. It will have everything in it needed to bring out the Empaths balance. Be it music, cooking, mechanics, building stuff, sports, gardening etc…..then any of my homeless, veteran or ex felon who need homes will go into the houses and apartments we do up afterwards.

My school comes first but I’ll need to employ a bunch of people who can help me build it.

My husband will run the construction side.

I’ve got my Board of Directors sorted.

Once my visa is sorted in getting the legal stuff written up.

We’re working on the proposal now.

I’m so excited. I can’t wait.

So I’ll do my first video Tuesday and when it goes up know this blog is coming to an end.

It will be used to link my videos only until I’m where I need to be.

My videos will be everything from question and answer sections, these posts and lessons in video form and live chats.

I’ll make do with what I have.

I need to get a Will written up too. So it’s busy busy busy.

I’m also starting my book.

I decided to throw myself into The Theory of EVERYTHING arguement lol

Apparently I’m on to something quite big lol

But I’m hoping what comes out of it are me teaming up with Scientists so I can study my Para Neurology theory.

Then not only am I helping the Empaths of the World live, but I’m helping the men who feel unwanted AND Dementia and mental illness as well. Either way you look at it my Science is to help the evolution and healing of the mind and conscious self.

Because then your a Spirit again.

Then your happy.

And there is no greater feeling than being happy.

I know people are going to find reasons to hate me. But I don’t mind. I know my truth and so do those who get me.

I’m going to write every day for an hour on my book then I’m going to look to get it published.

I think I would help Jordan Peterson understand what psychologically is lacking in understanding about the human experience and the conscious collective that is self.

Also help Science understand the things about death, sleep and neurology from a perspective of the dead themselves.

I love my love. I finally feel I found my thing.

I owe my teacher a big fat apology lol

She said I’d teach and turn to science. She said I’d go down in history as the woman who teaches the world about death from a new perspective.

I told her she was smoking crack lol

She was 73 I believe lol she used to give me this look like telling me off, shock, amusement and trying not to laugh all in one glance.

She was so hard on me. Lol or I thought she was lol I look back now and she was actually a sweet little thing, so patient. I drove her to fake meditating for 3-4hrs just to escape me lol

I said to her the other day “Did you know I knew you were faking it?” She said “YES!!! But I didn’t care because you exhausted me and if I didn’t remove myself you were going to kill me” lol I asked 4000 questions a second lol

Bless her. I was devastated when she crossed into the light of time.

Now she’s just there…..more than alive……watching me like 😒

Lol I was complaining one day about how mean she was, but she wasn’t, she just had high expectations of her students and so she should. It turns out I was just dramatic lol but I threw myself down one day in a big girly tantrum and I said ‘Ill NEVER donto my students what your doing to me’ and she laughed and she goes “That’s right, you won’t because you’ll be tougher on your students than I ever an to mine”.

I told her she was delusional lol I said ‘I’d give them kittens and sing them to sleep after a glass of hot milk and sing them to sleep’.

OH MY BLOB……….I’m an arsehole. I’m brutal. It’s my Drill Sargent upbringing with my Dad coming out.

I see why he needed to be my Dad now. I TOTALLY get it. He taught me everything I needed to be for this life.

I’ve toughened up exponentially over the last 2yrs.

I’ve got lives to speak for. I’m not fucking about.

If you knew how powerful this is becoming. I’m getting things within hours of asking for them.

If I need someone they come, if I need to let someone go, they gone, if I want something I get it. Its powerful stuff.

I feel a shift. Something has changed in this world. A balance has tipped.

It’s going to be so good, our future. Such good things coming. The truth is coming out and I see only light.

It’s going to be beautiful.

I’m not here to offend anyone but I know I’ll offend many many people. But I’m never going to lose sight of my mission. Which is to educate people not to fear death nor fear the voices because if you shut the bad ones out your only left with good.

People will find reasons to hate me and I’m prepared for that.

I was told “If they hate you it’s because your doing something right and your just a reminder to them they aren’t”.

So it’s ok. My Teacher prepared me for this 20yrs ago. I’m ready. It will be whatever it is.

I’m not afraid anymore. I spent my whole life afraid. I refuse to settle for anything less than happy now. I’m fine giving in to fear. It almost killed me. Now I’m out to smell life, taste it, feel it and be it.

I’m at peace with who I am now. I’m not perfect…..but I will be one day when in dead and in the mean time I’m having fun learning how to avoid being naughty so I do go to where I want to be.

But I do have permission to be a little naughty lol That’s why I came here as a Celtic Amazonian Scorpio/Rat with my mouth lol

Gotta make being perfect one day a little interesting right? Lol

My glass is full of crystal clarity.

I’m at peace with my journey now.

It only leads to beautiful things anyway so I see now darkness now.

I don’t even see it. I know it’s there but that fear in the out of my stomach has gone. When I see images now the fear has gone behind what I see because I know, I KNOW it leads to good things.

And I’m don’t fear it anymore for any of us.

The house of cards are coming down. Money will become evil by association. Consumerism will vanish. Need replaces want. People’s bitter pills they swallow will taste sweet.

I can’t wait. A new day is coming.

And it’s because of the President.

I trust him. I really do.

His draining the swamp is clearing out the garbage and it’s revealing clearer waters. I see the clear water after 45yrs of seeing oily sludge.

He’s a strategic genius, he’s not a bad person. The pipeline thing is shit but it’s 100k jobs. I can’t believe they can’t reach a compromise somehow. It totally doesn’t need to be that way.

It doesn’t need to be there, it could be diverted or moved over a bit.

But it will do wonders for the economy. Domestic growth is essential for a country independent of others.

We must always support our local economy, national is not different. We need to go back to trading not conglomerations. Create healthy competition. So we don’t have companies like Microsoft monopolizing the Industry. Free Market Capitalism weeds out the weeds from the seeds.

But where bartering is a form of currency too.

Eventually we’d see money die out.

You’ll see someone building a surgeons house in exchange for a surgery he had.

Or someone singing at someone’s wedding to pay for some childminding they did for her. That sort of thing.

Supermarkets will give food to people in exchange for work in the store. Stuff like that.

Bringing a basket of fruit and vegetables my students at my school grew, or that my best friend and ex grow at my house to Mr J down the road when I see him after his wife diee will be the norm in polite society.

Ms A has a baby and my boy automatically goes to cut her lawn for her. She’s so grateful she bakes him his favourite cake as a thank you. Or skips him $20. We go back to that.

Like Leave it to Beaver or Happy Days.

I can’t wait.

The world will be as American as Apple pie lol