Is the first sign your willing yourself to die. But you decide if it’s a quick death or a slow one.

Once the mind goes, the body soon follows and the light is last to fade.

Once the autoimmune diseases kick in, or the undiagnosed conditions, or illnesses that start to slow your life down, that’s step two of your very slow suicide.

Suicide isn’t just about taking a gun and blowing your brains out. You choose when your light fades. No-one else decides your fate but you.

Even murdered choose their time. The murderer just helps you get there.

It’s a harsh truth. The victim chose to be at that place at that time.

Even children chose when they die.

If they die young it’s planned before they’re born. That’s why they end up the highest vibration after death. Because they chose a short or traumatic life. Only the wisest Spirits do that.

They’re basically the nerds of the Spirit world lol

They don’t have to come back but do it for the experience. It’s basically giving themselves extra homework.

But once you get depression it’s putting the gun to your head, and the physical illnesses are you pulling the trigger and it’s only a matter of time before the bullet hits your head and it’s lights out.

Then your waking up outside another Mother’s vagina. That’s how it works.

How fast the bullet takes depends on your chosen method of death. Some weapons are quicker than others.

It’s just some choose suicide and the other chooses illness or injury.

When the voices turn bad your being warned your getting ready to take yourself down.

So please, don’t listen to those voices in your head but don’t ever be afraid of them either. They’re bad people but they are trying to show you that there is still time to sort your life out.

The bad voices are your demons, no-one elses. No-one else creates your demons but you.

They’re your inner alarm system telling you to get help. They are your S.O.S to your Soul to do something before it goes bad.

So don’t fear it. Just recognise that whether you listen to the warning or listen to their words instead is your choice.

You choose if you recognise the warning as a chance to turn your life around or if you listen to the words and end it all.

However you chose your death and when is your choice.

Or the alternative is listen and get help. Help yourself if no-one else will like I did.

Out of shit grows roses I say.

I’m better for it. My life is turning into roses now. And I’m almost able to smell the sweet over the stench that came before it.

The need has to be greater than the want. You have to want to enjoy life but you have to NEED to live it.

I can’t wait to get out there and live. It’s a need so great in me I’ve been formulating a plan in my head for two years to make it happen and it’s all going according to plan.

For the first time in my life I can say ‘I love who I am’.

Because I was lucky in that I trained myself to recognise what was going on by using the voices in my head to learn about what my gift was. Between them and the dead who better to teach me than my past life versions of me who didn’t get it quite right?

Every time I get it right in my life, one of them gets to join the light.

I did a good thing. WE did a good thing for each other.

I’m the good and bad versions of my past lives. But the bad version helps me balance the right version of me out.

But every time I get it right when something negative happens and I turn my life around from it or learn a life lesson from it, the negative version gets to evolve.

So ultimately and in conclusion, we are all here to get it right and find our balance so we only have the voices in our gut, not in our head.

The voices being left brain. The voices of doubt, reason, logic etc…logic can be a blessing and a curse.

And if your honest with yourself you’ll know your faults.

Well I’m suggesting whatever your faults, fears and phobias are, are in direct correlation to things you got wrong in your past life.

See I’m terrified of open water. Oceans terrify me. I LOVE the water. But rivers and pools only. Some lakes are ok but it’s if my feet touch everything I panic.

The interesting thing is I almost drowned as a child with my brother and sister in a river. You’d think it would be rivers but I love rivers. I could swim in a river all day and have done.

But beaches terrify me if I go out further than my waste.

I have these terrifying nightmares of seeing a great white coming up underneath me and then I’m thinking “I’m inside him”. Then I wake up. But I don’t think I’m a person though.

I do know I drowned in an ocean disaster like the Titanic but not the Titanic. I think I was Italian. Female. Anyway….your fears and phobias and voices in your head telling you your hopeless, and don’t trust, protect yourself, your ugly, fat, stupid, not worthy of love etc….they need to go.

They’re the demon’s of your past talking. You need to listen to the voicees in your gut. The ones who can guide you through the darkness.

They’re never wrong. If you trust your gut and your honest with yourself because your listening to your gut, no-one is better to guide you out of it than the versions of you that got it right. Your higher self. Your right brain that helps you observe the good and know and feel the positive aspects of you and your life, and your essence or that person who lives in your gut. Your atoms in other words.

Your intuition is where the atoms live that created you. It’s the point of your creation. Your big bang. The part of you that was created when your Dad’s sperm met your Mum’s egg and connected a time line that became neurons like black holes and worm holes and a milky way that became your brain.

Once those neurons fire up you become the universe contained within your body.

So once the brain connects to your body, your life itself.

Contained in your own universe.

And your atoms guide your evolution. They are never wrong. They are the very core of your essence. No-one knows better than you. Your in all space and time as atoms. We go back to being atoms when we sleep and die.

Also while we create life. Orgasms are in effect big bang’s if it achieves conception.

So you see….you really do control EVERYTHING. It’s your universe. And we have the ability to jump between them. It’s called Time.

My gift allows me the pleasure of being able to do that. ie my predictions and my time slips.

If I could show you how I live. If you could see how it’s possible to balance it out and have it be the best thing that ever happened to you……..death would be a thing of the past and people would live longer.

I’m developing a body I never thought possible at 45. My eye sight is improving so much now I barely need glasses unless I have to watch TV etc…I’m so physically active I get sad if I can’t work out. I get excited to eat something yummy just so I can work out.

My memory is on fire. I had no idea I knew stuff. I remember things I forgot I knew.

My libido is off the scale lol I laugh CONSTANTLY. My heart beats through my chest I’m so happy.

Because when I was a kid I learned to listen to the voices in my head and not be afraid of what they were saying.

They know everything. They are versions of time. They are the versions of you that already exist in the very fabric of time.

They are strands of your time line joining the fabric of all time. The cells on the bacteria flying through the air on the front end of that sneeze.

That’s atoms in conscious, and descriptive terms.

Atoms are conscious. They know EXACTLY what they need to do and what their purpose is and the rest the allow themselves to evolve into whatever it needs to be.

And the voice in your gut, telling you it’s ok, your not afraid, yes it’s right, do it without question or hesitation, is you guiding your fate. It’s you navigating your path. You deciding if your the front end of a sneeze or fall to the back end of a comet.

And EVERYONE has these voices. Every single man, woman, animal, plant, insect, child, anything organic. It’s just some learn to live without the ones in their head and trust instinct only.

That’s why I say if you think you have a demon or bad spirit in your home take a dog. They’ll tell you. Their reactions will tell you exactly what your dealing with.

But you have to know the reactions and what they mean.

Barking and growling doesn’t always mean it’s negative. You have to remember, the dog will know if it’s you creating it or not. It will also know if it’s a bad version of you or not. If it attacks you or bites you, you’ll know it’s a bad version of you in your home sending a warning to you.

But it’s so much more complex than people think it is. No-one understands death better than I do.

From a psychological, physical and scientific point of view.

This is why I need to teach everyone.

And save Empaths like me. Writing is my Empath gift. It’s my inner pendulum. It helps me draw out poison, it helps me deal with my emotions and work on my Science. It brings me people who help balance my scale. It’s like measuring flour on scales.

Someone will come along you’ll think is the right amount but they’re too much and are tipping the balance the wrong way and need to be removed.

Or someone comes along who measure perfectly on the scales and they go in the bowl with the rest of the ingredients.

That’s why it’s not a bad thing to lose someone in your life. If they were a positive thing that was going to contribute to tipping the balance to make the perfect bread they would be there still in it.

Trust that if someone has been removed it’s for a good reason.

It doesn’t mean they won’t come back necessarily. It just means for now or maybe for ever, they weren’t the right ingredient for what you needed at the time.

Everything you decide tips the balance one way or the other.

One way gets you towards the front of the sneeze, the other towards the back end of a comet.

Positive/Negative outcome you decide.

But remember out of shit grows roses.

If you trust your gut, even if it looks bad it will be with good reason and you decided it that way.

If you find the good in everything you see the bad differently. Just train yourself to know how.

Trust the gut every time. Don’t listen to anything that isn’t there to guide you.

When the gut is right, the consciousness is too and everything is done without question.

When the gut is right and the mind isn’t right you doubt and question everything.

Second thoughts are your guts way of saying the balance is wrong.

Not hesitating is your essence (mind body and spirit) connect and your compass is saying Do it.

Your choices point the needle.

So always make good choices and the rest will fall into place.

I hope this article helps someone choose life like I did.

They won’t regret it.

I love you all