Lyudmila Pavlichenko – And Other Women I Admire

Because as a woman I think it’s important to promote and support the female of the species in world history who are worthy of the title Woman and of getting my respect in a world when so many don’t.

I’m often ashamed and embarrassed to share the same gender. But this woman here, and Mary Seacole for example are women through and through.

If we could all be so lucky to have such respect from men and women alike as women like these.

I love how it’s military connected for both those women. It is for me too.

Funny how a real woman feels the need to go into a service that protects, defends or serves soldiers or military in some way. I just noticed that lol

But I just discovered this legend by accident and now I worship and adore her.

My other heroine is Boudicca. She too led an army to fight the Romans in England.

So it must be in me to want to take care of men, especially in the military.

Just thought I’d share.


Here is my most adored and beloved Mary Seacole.

North Korea pt3

If he’s the good guy why do I keep seeing NK a republic and him beaten to a pulp?

I’m too suspicious. But apparently he’s helping to catch the bad guys.

I know what I’m seeing. I’m so confused lol what’s in the dark shall come to the light I guess we shall soon see.

I hope I’m wrong and right.

I want North Korea free but he should still pay for all the human atrocities.

Holy Crap What Did I Say About California?

I keep saying I worry for California, that I kept seeing it falling off the map and going under water years ago but then the feeling of worry grew over the last few months. Everyone says watch New York but it’s always been California for me. I also keep seeing a Volcanoe too but don’t know why. But something is coming. My question is though…….is it real or man made? #hurricanekatrina #japan #haiti #bali if you catch my drift.

You Know All The Zombie Movies, Shows, Songs And Stories……

Replace Zombies with Celebrities.

That’s what we’re dealing with in Hollywood, Social Media, Sports, Arts, Music, TV, Media etc…..

A Zombie Apocalypse.

Notice they bring out another SCORPIO. Rosanne Barr.

Remember I said about the Scorpios in the Elite system.

Am I the only one fighting the fight?

Alistair Crowley was Libra, Marina Spamsandawich was a Sagittarius. So neither quite had the power over the occult the Scorpio has.

We rule death, sex, birth and the occult. If anyone can control the masses using dark forces it’s a SCORPIO lol

I just need to fight harder that’s all.

If I’ve got to fight Zombies I better get in shape.

My gift shall be my weapon.

I need my army….my division of the Fight Club.

We’ll fight them on the inside.