My Body

I saw a glimpse of my new body last night when I went to get Easter Eggs for Bill and Ben.

This man asked for my number lol I told him he was a stupid boy, hit him and said I was married lol but as I walked away I thought “I may not be a Beautiful Swan but I’m surely a distant relative” lol

I’m never gonna think I’m great though but I’m over the moon with adequate lol

I should of started 10yrs ago. Age caught up with gravity and now my boobs are chaffing my feet lol

My boy made me pinky square I’d never get plastic surgery. He hates me clearly BUT I pinky swore. I’m only allowed it if it’s to save my life.

He said if I get surgery I wouldn’t be the Mum he fell in love with the day he was born.

How could you say no to that? Bloody Gemini lol you can see why his Spare Dad is my husband aye?

They know how to convey a message that gets people’s attention. They floor me with what they come out with.

They remind me of naughty loveable puppies.