Do You Know What’s Weird? And Another Breakthrough.

I see no darkness now……it’s gone.

When I watched those videos before now I’d feel and see the darkness. But now I just see light.

I just feel so happy. Like…….there is nothing but the need to want to go around and just hold people.

You know me lol I bloody will too.

I feel incredible. Nothing matters to me now. Nothing but living and loving. I want to live to love and love to live.

But Debbie style. Coz it doesn’t mean I won’t kick your ass if your a dick.

But that’s why you love me. I keep it real….look at me going all Ghetto. I’ve only been married to him 3 months and I’ve already turn street. Lol

Okay, maybe I’m more Cul De Sac

I love this feeling.

I love my dead. Or whoever those voices are I need to be in my head anyway.

Because I’m starting to believe Spirits are a psychological nursing we create in order to help guide us.

But some of us can talk to ours better than others.

Spirit I’ve discovered are our higher selves. Not the dead.

The us from past lives. The ones who sit higher and have a better position to see than we.

Not to be mistaken with The Dead of course. Who are dead people who died and communicate with us directly.

That’s why I say Spirit says…..or my dead. My dead are dead people. Spirit are the awesome voices in my voice who saved my life.

Is it mental illness if it saves your life and makes you a size 12 after being 371lbs or 26.6st with an incredible family, career, life and friends? I have a family out there in the world I’ve never met who have been contacting me from out of nowhere giving me the most incredible show of support.

The best ones yet when you say “I get it now”……it makes up for one of my past sins.

Every time I spread my crazy every now and then it resonates with who it’s meant to.

You have to be a thinker to get me. I’m not for a Kardashian style drooler lol

I philosophies too much. Window lickers like a Kardashian will be highly offended by me lol

I wouldn’t mince my words if they came for a reading on my show.

They’d turn white lol

I said I saw light…..I didn’t say I wasn’t still an arsehole. Lol