WTF!!! Are They ALL Scorpios? Hillary Is Too.

Am I the only good one left who uses their blob given ability for good instead of evil? Admittedly I don’t know who some of them are. I don’t watch TV and my YouTube is full of FailArmy and Serial Killer documentaries, Unsolved Mysteries and the recently clicks on things I’ve been sent.

I barely turn my TV on. I haven’t watched TV in years. I was too painful because I couldn’t see what really was and also I don’t like to influence my gift.

I had NO idea some of these clips I’ve posted existed. I forget I live in the age of information at my disposal lol

But holy fuck…..the SCORPIOS!!!!

It makes sense. No-one is going to be better at Death, Birth, Regeneration, Sex AND the Occult better than a Scorpio. We’re the rulers of it. I have honestly never felt more alone. I’m proud of being a Scorpio.

But I’m a Jedi NOT a Sith and I always will be. NOTHING no matter the fame or money would make me turn to the dark side. I’d punch Darth Vader in his man tits if he tried lol

Have you how many of these Overseers are Scorpio?

And let’s not forget Ellen and RuPaul either.

I did a spell the other day. I asked for truth to bring balance and release any burdens I have from knowing it.

The next day all this happens.

I should of kept my mouth shut.

You should see my face right now after seeing how many of these monsters are Scorpio.

I have a face on me like a bulldog chewing bricks.

I’m a lone wolf……well a lone Scorpio but that’s ok, we prefer it.

Well…….I guess this is me going to war.

I might not survive it. I might lose any hope of a career or visa, and school but if it’s to be done for these poor Souls then I’ll do it as long as I always have my family I’ll manage some how.

My career has never been so good so truth is most definitely setting me free so I shall fight the good fight.

I’m 6ft tall with long arms, long legs, big tits and I’m bound to knock a few down before they get me right?

What I need to do is surround myself with Libra, Pisces and Gemini. We’d be a formidable force.

Hey wait….my ex and current are Libra and Gemini, also my son, and my Nikula is Pisces. Oh snap!!!

Are we the balance to our sign? The Truther version to the Elite.

My ex and I adopted a Andy in 2005 and while he is my ex’s Mrs (hahaha) or Histress as I call him, my ex and I both share custody now we’re divorced and he’s the most talented writer I’ve ever met. He got me into this blog. He’s hardcore truther but intellectually. He’s Libra too. I trust him with my boys lives.

I seem to be accruing an army of Libra, Pisces and Gemini lol I’m surrounded by them. Aries too. All Enlightened. All of them fight the system like me. Why am I the only Scorpio in my posse though?

I can’t be that bad to handle that we only get one in the squadron lol

Ooooh POO!!! Am I the difficult one of the team? πŸ˜’

OR…..OOOOOR!!! And I put this to you…..could it be I’m so super awesome cool tough ninja force of awesomeness they need only one of me to keep them all in check? Someone has to keep them Ratbags inline. Lol

Yes…that’s it….πŸ˜”πŸ˜ŒπŸ˜³

My husband said if we have Scorpio daughters he’s lying about thier D.O.B on the birth certificate. Lol πŸ™„πŸ˜

I said “Bitch please…….you can say we’re born on Saturn to a frog king but we’ll ALWAYS be Scorpio. You can hide a Scorpio, we’ll be revealed the second we get jealous or turned on”

He said “EXACTLY!!! So I’ll tell them their Libra or Sagittarius”.

Scorpio are nuts….I absolutely couldn’t live with me. I’d of kicked me out years ago. Bloody hell I’m an emotional, dramatic pain in the ass.

But I’m entertaining so I’m pretty sure these people only stay around just to see what I say or do next lol

Which lets face it…… could be anything with me lol

I’m a loose cannon of Samurai, Ninja, Viking Amazonian Warrior Princess with a mouth like sailor who removed the filter 2yrs ago with zero foxes to give and no time for stupidity or ignorance.

I imagine many sit with popcorn watching and waiting lol

I’m my own Netflix lol

Ok….so let’s do this people.

It’s on. Scorpio versus Scorpios

May my compass be my guide and may I always remember who I am and who I’m doing it for.

(My son’s are the other two bracelets you can’t see).

Oh I forgot about Dave. He’s a Scorpio too.

Look how cute we are lol