The Kids Keep Talking

When I start posted stuff my wee ethereal buddies get excited and start to talk more like they know something is coming.

So there is one celebrity they REALLY don’t like in particular.

They said she gets off on being sadistic. Needles in the skin sort of thing.

Just enough to inflict pain but not enough to do lasting damage.

It’s the wincing and reacting she gets turned on by.

There is a boy who says they’re crushing some of the smaller ones now.

They’re panicking. The older ones are getting shot.

We’re going to see a lot of unusual fires, breaking out in odd places especially involving children.

Mass children deaths all over the place.

Islands, laboratories, celebrity houses, that sort of thing. Break ins too.

I also wanted to say that if any of these clips have anything in them that sounds off please let me know.

I’m honestly trying to sleep. But it’s been a rough ass day and I can’t shut my brain down.

I keep seeing things. But it’s kinda of like…..well I’m not exactly going to send them away now am I?

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