Celebrities and Fires. Look At The Names. Plomptiploop My Dead Are Good.

Recent ones first. OPRAH AND ELLEN, DREW BARRYMORE who comes up twice in this list. 2 house fires. Really? KATY PERRY, Chrissy Teigan, Paltrow, Aniston and WWE guy I don’t know called The Miz. I’m sorry but while some on this list are old and some will be human error I refuse to believe this is a coincidence that these people’s houses burned down or nearly burned down in these and recent fires.

California Wildfires Spread: Thomas Fire Mandates Santa Barbara Evacs, Threatens Montecito Celebrity Homes

Rupert Murdoch, Courtney Love, DREW BARRYMORE, JACK NICHOLSON etc…oh my BLOB!! Heidi Fliess the Hollywood Madam,