The Charities Of Evil. Truth 7 You Don’t Want To Hear.

If you give money to charity like I do it makes you feel good to know your doing something to help those less fortunate than yourselves.

Aside from the ones we know about like The Clinton Foundation, Haiti Relief Fund etc….

Until I found out most of these Charities are fronts for Child Sex Trafficking, Money Laundering and Smuggling.

Basically it’s going to be easier to list the INNOCENT charities.

10 BILLION POUNDS the British gave to charity last year. 10 BILLION.

How the fuck do we still have homeless animals and people if that’s just what the British gave?

The one most dear to my heart is Born Free and The Salvation Army.

Little advertising. The CEOs make hardly any money and yes I know The Salvation Army are a religious organization but I’m not anti faith.

I have loved and respected those beautiful, Christian men and women my entire life.

Medicine San Frontier.

Local charities. That’s pretty much the only charities I trust.

I’ve never met anyone from the Salvos I didn’t like. They are a good, genuine charity who gets overlooked because they’re not sexy like Cancer Research.

Most of what you see on the high street are frauds.

The RSPB wouldn’t need us if we didn’t have chemtrails and pollution of the planet.

These charities have 100s of millions in the bank but still need more.

Instead of using it to eliminate the cause they use it to treat the symptom instead so they can keep more for themselves.

Ask yourself this….with all the good honest businesses closing down around us because of high rents why can these Charities afford to rent every other store in the high street?

We have the British Red Cross and Oxfam renting stores just for books now, the clothes and furniture are sold in different stores all together. The Red Cross has three in ours. Heart Foundation is the same.

Cancer Research. They’ve had cures for cancer since they created it in the 50s.

All they care about is getting your money not actually showing you how they put it to good use.

But please do NOT stop giving. Just give to your LOCAL Charities instead.

Our communities are filled with Angels who off their own back, with help from no-one takes in strays, injured, abandoned or unwanted animals.

People who gather unwanted goods to help someone make a fresh start.

Look around. They are everywhere.

I give cans of catfood, dog food, money. I did a little charity fundraiser for a woman back home in NZ.

I raised a few hundred dollars back in 1995 plus she got crates of cat and dog food donated.

Always support your community first my Babies.

These are good men, women and children out there trying to earn or raise to help someone with cancer or something.

Always take care of your community before you take care of anyone elses.

You might need them one day and I know in my little town my streets are full of kind people only too happy to help.

Just next time you think your doing good for these places, remember it’s not going to help anyone but line the pockets of lawyers, marketing and the CEO Fat Cat.

If you want to help a cancer or animal charity take gifts to the cancer ward.

Take food, catfood, rabbit pellets whatever they help or put money on these people’s vet bills because I know they’re astronomical.

You can help directly.

Don’t go through a middle man, go to the source.

I love Born Free. They’re my favourite charity EVER.

When I’m President of the Galaxy I’m going to ask to be a patron.

Thats how much I love it.

I’ve got posters, pens, toys, certificates etc….I love them so much.

So that’s truth number 7.

You’ve been lied to about your charities.

I told you before.

We all thought we were red pills but we’re not we’ve been blue all along.