I Saw A Wisp Of A Child While I’ve Been Putting My Posts Up And She Finally Spoke.

She was about 6, she has scraggly blood stained hair and her arms were dislocated. They were all weird like pipe cleaners and she said in regards to me doing The Saville/ Cliff Richards stuff.

“You know they spit roast BBQ us too. And if they’re babies they call them Baby Back Ribs. They put apples in our mouths and sometimes peaches or pears but it’s ok we’re dead by then. They use our own blood in the sauce”.

“They have a special hot sauce and not all of them are dead and I was one of the favourite meals the people ever ate they said”.

“They love hot sauce. It goes good with us if you don’t like the taste”

Like she was proud.

What can you even say?

She had no sense of reality.