The Shaving of The Head/Drag In Films

Shows not only subservience to the master but removes gender identity.

Their aim is to remove gender from society. If we don’t stop these Millennials and their Illuminati agenda the next generation of children will be born genderless and we’re all fucked.

We will have about 100yrs before we die out and the planet takes back what belongs to her.

Soon identifying as female or woman with be a punishable offense.

They’re trying to make everyone 1 sex. They want to control baby production, fertility, sexuality and gender.

Don’t be fooled by the “it’s for a role”.

Plenty of movies have been made where actors and actresses DON’T shave their head.

If you see ANY actor or actress dressed in TV or in Movies where they dress as the opposite sex it’s a humiliation ritual.

Also a subservience thing.

They’re allowing themselves to have their sexuality mocked.

They’re handing their sexuality to androgeny.

I’m telling you……..they’re trying to remove gender.

My kids who tell me stuff said they have been experimenting with sex change and androgeny genes for decades.

Hormone therapy, genetic experiments, etc……