A Warning To The Parents Of Millennials. Free Count Dankula.

His conviction is proof that Communism is King.

Be very VERY afraid.

You’ll get arrested for thinking next. It’s coming.

They want to divert and deflect attention away from their evil doings.

Every single person responsible for his conviction and persecution will become a part of the darkness when this is over.

They’re just feeding us to their Masters.

This ‘Holocaust’ “Jewish” agenda they’re playing is making people hate the word let alone the people and the horrendous atrocities our nation’s faced to end the suffering for those involved in WW2 has been forgotten. No-one cares about the millions of others who died. We’re only allowed to remember one part of history and that’s not fair and there are people out there who want it that way.

This is the agenda and if you buy into it your complicit.

You have about a month left to spread your hate then it’s over.

End Game

People take to the street’s, Nazi flags on fire, Jews, SJWs, BLM, Elites, Celebrities etc….dead in the street and the sad thing is some of them will be killed BECAUSE they’re Jewish or Antifa not because they did anything wrong.

You’ll be found guilty by association because people are getting THAT angry.

Your pushing it too far. I know this is what they wanted but they think that military and law will be on your side and they really aren’t.

The ones who have sold out might be complicit but your forgetting about the Fight Club.

And when they take it to the street’s your ALL doomed.

See that David Hogg? I’d go into hiding if I was him. So many of them crisis actors and federal and judicial fodder for the regime will be lucky to escape with the clothes on their backs let alone have property to escape to or lives to live after it’s over.

I feel the panic and anger rising.

Count Dankula is the start of the end for the regime.

I just see night skies, fires in sticks, tens of thousands lining the streets in every nation across the world and blood.

I always smell the blood. Innocent and guilty alike.

To the parents who are PROUD to send their kids on the marches. Letting them be crisis actors and such.

Your kids will be charged with crimes against humanity.

Your handing them to be charged with basically war crimes because this IS a war.

Your children will be charged with crimes. Crisis Actors WILL be prosecuted to the FULL extent of the law.

And you will be too. Because you knew they were laying.

By the time all these people’s assets are stripped and the wealth shared amounts the people and put back into infrastructure etc….there will be so much money left over the concept of a 3rd World Nations will be a memory.

Because we’ll have more than we need so we’ll give it away to those who don’t so we can all start the new world on an equal footing.

The Darkness is panicking and desperate and they forget, they trained soldiers who WOULD kill your Millennial children.

You forget who trained them.

Plus it’s them or us.

That’s pretty much what your looking at.

And in the future your children will be viewed with the same level of disgust as the Hitler Youth throughout history.

So I hope your REALLY proud of what you’ve raised. They’re going to be known as War Criminals.