A Prediction For You To Watch With This Silly Little Girl.

I have seen this girl before in my predictions. Watch her because it’s going to be hilarious to see what happens to her next.

With her shaved head. But it’s ok because these kids end up on trial too just like some of the Hitler Youth should of.

And the awesome thing is the parents will have all their assets removed for being complicit in the propaganda. I can’t wait.

Get your popcorn ready. You have about a month left then it’s civil war and it’s over in weeks and the blood of evil will spilled for all the world to see. This girl right here tried to do the crying girl victim thing and goes to prison instead. She grows her hair out for the trial and outs ribbons in her hair and wears girly clothes to feminise herself and gets a prison sentence instead.

Watch…..just keep watching her…. because she ends up trying to take back her actions and words once she knows she’s in REAL trouble.